Splinterlands - Road to Champion #011 - I'm still alive! & Big Splinterlands News

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Today we take a small look at the Splinterlands Kickstarter campaign that raised over 150.000 $. We also check out what happened in the last few weeks. While I was inactive the beta boosters ran out, the Untamed Kickstarter campaign started and some other minor updates were made.


In this series called "Splinterlands Road to Champion" I try to reach the Champion leauge in Splinterlands, also known as Steemmonsters, without spending any money, aside from the inital 10$ for the starter pack.

You can play Steemmonsters here: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=okean123

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Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game built on the Steem Blockchain. It is similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone where you build up a collection of cards, which all have various different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other players in skill-based matches. By using blockchain technology, players can own their digital cards, and can trade and sell them freely just as if they were physical cards, without the control of any centralized company or entity.

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And if you really belong to the Russian-speaking players, pay attentions to our
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What a great video! You cover a lot going on in Splinterlands right now, good job! I will be upvoting this with the SM upvote!
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