splinterlands daily swear fest - better than nothin i guess

in #steemmonsters10 months ago (edited)

tried a few rounds befroe the daily today - instant losing streak

it's another one of those 'why do i even bother' days

well, fuck it - i'll just lose my way all the way back to silver 2

i guess i can rack up some $dec here and there

son of a bitches - now i cant seem to battle back up to gold 3

wtf is with just the damn back-and-forth

oh well , noop just straight fucking never ending losing streak again

i cant beleive i spent $50 to get treated like this LOL

well screw it - i'll get one more pack -

life splinter here we come

so f***in close - then hit a losing streak


well, finished in gold 3 at least

computer died - need to find my backup for template post (or make a new one)

now the laptop is over-heating - upvote this shit so i can buy a new one please ;)



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