Stemmomnsters monday theme post : DEATH

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Tell us about your line up. Why did you put them in those places?

this was gold 3 battle - 26 mana - w/ armored up - no healing

goblin mech - armored up already , so the armor bonus is nice - beasty tank

spinback wolf - armored up already another nice bonus and the wolf is fast

dark enchantress - flying magic attack - and shes fast

fallen spector - another flyer w/ cheap mana - only level 1 but can be effective

of course the free chicken to bring up the rear/ soak up a sneak attack

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

the strategy worked pretty good for this match - even thought the spector and chicken were just foolin' around

Do you use the DEATH Splinter often? Why or why not?

Death splinter is my highest level summoner and cards - yeah, i tend to favor these even though i lose alot LOLZ

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I bet you could UP your rewards by using this Ultimate Markdown Tutorial as suggested in the challenge posts. Maybe even the occasional capital letter (aside from your emphasis) or punctuation mark...😉
I may be implying that your posts could be SO MUCH MORE... if you'd only put a little love into it.

Also... you missed tagging #splinterlands on Twitter. Next time, I bet you'll get it.

And this time... Imma give you an "I believe in you" upvote... in hopes you'll take my suggestions. 😍


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You should start using #upfundme on your daily posts to get more rewards :)

i'll put that in my notes - thx,
i know you told me that before (i'm kinda spacey sometimes)

I noticed you had vote your post. If you use #upfundme then you will get ufm tokens from as you have some staked and they reward people who stake the token by giving an upvote based on your stake. I also have a small stake in the token too so I would give you a small amount of them as well. @taskmanager is doing some cool things with the token.

i been following @taskmanager for a long time - i think the ufm token came from a different steem token site - i cant remember - aha, steam engine - i should go look at that again too ;)

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