Steemmonsters - Season rewards and shit!

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So another season have ended in the world of steemmonsters /Splinterland.
I think we all feel the same excitement after all our Hard work... Reward time 😜

And then I opened mine and I have to say 🙈 I WANT CARDS.... CARDS... Not a bunch of potions and crystals... Was not happy!

My rewards after reaching

Diamond 💎💎


Was really excited to see all the golden chests!


Opening time... What did I get this time?




The orb was my highlight in this reward opening. And I actually got a gold card in that orb... Thank you!


Its getting so much harder each season to reach our goals and we all work really hard.
My goal was to reach Diamond 2 as I reached that for the first time last season so can't do less after that ey? 😜Lol


How did I do?

Did I reach my goal


Yes I did reach Diamond 2 and I even tried to keep playing but I guess it just wasn't meant to be this time to reach higher... Mabye this season 😉👍

I did reach Diamond 2 by doing my daily with death and my daily wasn't all bad.


Got a Gold card AND a orb 🙏😁 Nice!

In my beginning here I actually reached champion 2 times but after a long break I never got higher than Gold 1 if I was Lucky, but now I'm happy to reach higher again so hopefully Diamond 1 is a goal I can reach soon 😉👍

Whats your goal?


I also tried the new splinterland mobile alpha version after reading about it in @welshstacker's post here 👉 click here

And most of you know I do all thing steemit on my Phone, all steemmonsters and discord on my Phone so... I got really excited and had to check it out!


Pretty cool look right? Only thing is... Dropped to gold 2 😜now the Hard work begins again!


And ofcourse I had to try to do a battle to se how it worked here, and I was really Impressed 👍


And ofcourse I was happy.. I won 😂
My first battle in the mobile version was a win.. Wohoo!


Many cool things like it tells you how much till you reach next level etc... I'm really excited to see where this takes us and looking forward to use this mobile version full time as more things get added.

One thing I didn't realize until After the battle was.... How do I change my cards? How do I erase one card?
After reading about it, seems like for now you click twice on that card... Am I getting it right?

If you want to know more about this AWSOME mobile app version in splinterland and how it works, you can read about it here 👉 click here

If you are like me and use the mobile much then I highly recomend you to try this out 😉👍

A BIG Thank you to all YOU behind #steemmonsters and #splinterland for creating such game for us to enjoy, and doing this mobile version for us who needs it 🙏 I appriciate it!


Good luck everyone 😉 and I wish for you all to reach your Goal in SM 👍
May this season be our BEST ever and see you on the Battlefield!


Have a Loving and blessing sunday my peeps 🥰

Be kind to each other and remember to be YOU!


Much Love Ya'll ❤️ Kisses 💋


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Lol I managed to get an orb and enough DEC to buy in pack so it helped offset the little cards I got this time around but man it’s getting so hard now

Ya thats the good side of the dec you can buy packs, but usually I don't get much in my packs... Lol
I wish we could get more gold or legendary right? 😜
It truly is getting harder to climb and feels like im stuck much longer at a level, and some days are harder than others.
Also many People with maxed out cards... Then I loose my butt off 🙈 ugh... Lol

I hope you reach your goal my friend and good luck 😉👍
Have a wonderful evening. Cheers! 🤗🌹

I quite like that they have these reward chests now, it’s better then getting three of the same rubbish card. But all I got was a few more low value cards, a bunch of low value dek and one orb - which gave me 5 more low value cards. It’s starting to feel less and less like an actual reward.

I agree... The golden chests sure is a beautiful view 😍 lol
Would be even better if it also featured gold and legendary cards 😜 me want... Lol
Sure potions and crystals are cool but badass cards is what we all DO wish for.
I hope you get better rewards next time bestie and I Will send you some cards 🤗🤗🤗

All those fukn chests giving you potions and for what, one gold card? I think they need to reduce the items as rewards and give out more cards. Like a 4-1 ratio would be suitable. I didn't even get a gold card, let alone a legendary , at the champion level, so I feel you on the SHIT

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Why Thank you 🙏 this means I qualify to join your Castle? Im truly honored 😂 Hahahaha

YES... I second that 4-1 ratio, that would feel more like rewards and gives a bigger chance to get a legendary or gold card.
And that IS what we all are aiming for after all right?
Wow... NO legendary or gold in your champion rewards? 😲 WHAAAAT?? That sux.. Bigtime!
Champion truly is a Great achivement and deserves some great cards for sure... Hope this Will happen and they make a change there.
I feel ya on the Shit 😜 lol

A very beautiful post as always, thumbs up!.

Wow! You did amazingly well by reaching diamond 2, my friend. Congrats!.
I equally reached champ 1 for the first time ever, it was a great season all round lol. I know right? No body loves potions and those less than 10 crystals lol.

Yeah, I know you do these stuff on your phone and I still can accept you're doing so because you're so good at doing them lol
The mobile app looks amazing, I'm still to try it out but I hope to do so.

I wish you achieve your goals of the current season, Good luck!

Awww... Thank you so much my friend for your sweet comment 🙏🥰
I missed you and ya... You kick big butts in SM 😜 champion 1? That is insane 😁 lol... Such amazing achivement and I hope you reach your goal as well.

I love the game but it really gets harder and harder each season 😜 lol
You should definitly check out the mobile app when you have the time 😉👍 it is really cool.

Have a wonderful evening and night my friend and much love 🤗🌹❤️🤗

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Hi! thanks for your kind reply. I'm surprised to see that you're still using partiko lol. I still have it installed but I would've been using it if the notification feature was working.

Anyways, Have a great day <3