Smart Spark pixie saves the day

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Well, can you imagine the small pixies could save the game and make a win and that too a level one?

The battle ID will give you a replay of what happened and how the pixies won the battle against a strong summoner and a good team.

Battle ID

Now for the pics


As you can see, the opponent has a strong team and a legendary summoner.


Well, what next?

Spark pixies start the attack and continue to contribute to the attack until the last monster falls.

I could never imagine that the pixies would be this strong and so I am going to level it up. The strange part is that these cards are not even costly enough and most underrated too.

So, if you are not aware of the power of the pixie and have never used it ever, do try using this card next time you use the fire splinter.

What makes the Spark pixies strong?


Speed is an important factor and when your opponent uses monsters with slow speed, the win is almost guaranteed.


Maxed at level 8, you can see that the speed increases and there are abilities like stun and dodge too. Life too increases which is good.

The pixie card is a must if there is a rule where range and flying are important.


The Lore

image - snapshots

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Stay safe, play splinterlands

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