Season Reward Cards - Making Waves!

Normally I no longer show off daily/season reward cards - But....

These are good - For only 22 cards I crushed it.

  • Legendary - Yes
  • Epic - Yes
  • Gold Foil - Yes!!!!

Here for all your viewing glory is one of the best season rewards I have pulled today!



Add on 4 rare, and some upper priced commons like the Wood Nymph and Sea Monster I am sitting pretty!

The Ruler of the Seas - this allowed me to get it to level 2 finally. More damage and speed. Look out water

Not to mention - who doesn't love a nice $.0.3 Divine Sorceress??

Season Update.

I am getting all the data together for last season, and I am disappointed. I was not around a ton and really let my deck slip

I have ~ 20 STEEM liquid to spend!!!
I had like 6500 DEC to convert!!!!
I bought 0 cards.
I have not listed many for sale in a long long time!

I will get out all my stats in the next few days and go on a shopping spree. Boy do I love DEC and what it gives me chance to do, I smell Gold II & I coming my way!!

@dwingsworld - if your interested in how to grow a deck from scratch with 0 investment. I have been running this alt since Jan. It will give you a good a idea of what I have focused on.

Game On!

@senstlessmonster - aka @senstless

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Sweet rewards and I will make sure to check out the progress and information. Thanks for sharing!!

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It is a grind, but over time you build a decent deck for free. Add the new DEC/ Outside investment and you grow really quickly

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Congratulations for pulling such a good cards.

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Thanks, I got lucky for sure. I will have to come back and look at these when i hit a dry spell.

That's a great batch. I've yet to pull a Ruler of the Seas. That card always screws me up when an opponent brings it out.

You need one? I got an extra on my primary I think I can delegate to you

That would be awesome if you're not using it. Thanks!