Herons-Unlimited: Delegating Steemmonsters Decks For Profits + Giving Small Players A Shot

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Investing in Steemmonsters beta booster packs and delegating decks through @herons-unlimited was definitely a profitable idea. And we're only just getting started...

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I haven't always been easy on @aggroed and @yabapmatt since they launched Steemmonsters. I published more than a couple posts and comments to criticize the pay-to-play system they set up for the game. I never thought the game would survive it's first year, considering the small players base and the cost. However, after the developments I've seen these last couple of weeks, and some of the things that happened, I've come to the conclusion these guys might just be able to pull it off.

I became a believer... lol.

So I decided to use some of my Bitcoin profits to invest a little extra in the game. Well... 'a little' is maybe a bit too careful. With more than 80% of the beta booster packs being sold, FOMO kicked in, and to be honest, I went a little crazy.



I still haven't changed my point of view about the pay-to-play system: $10 for a starter deck is still a lot more than many people can afford - definitely because a starter deck won't bring you far in the game. But thanks to @herons-unlimited and their delegation system, smaller users also get a chance to play and earn without a big investment, while giving investors a chance on earning ROI.

If you have at least a level 3 deck, with 4 or more splinters in it, you can make it available through @tcpolymath's @herons-unlimited system. (Read the Terms and Conditions here. See some example decks here.)

Players don't need to pay to play one of the delegated decks. Instead, the rewards are split between the delegator and the player. Earned reward cards are automatically converted to DEC through the Ottermaker bot, and all the DEC is split according to the % the delegator sets. (This includes tournament winnings.)

As an investor, it's a hands-free solution to earn DEC. As a player, it is a chance to play and earn DEC without investing a truckload of money.



During the last week, I've set up 4 @herons-unlimited accounts: 2 regular level 4 accounts, and 2 gold foil level 3 accounts. I've set up a 50/50 rewards split for all accounts.

In this week, I earned 22K DEC, without lifting a finger, while giving 4 people a chance to play a deck without spending money. For me, it's a win-win.
Taking into consideration that the accounts are brand new and start in novice league, that's a pretty good result. In the next couple of weeks, the amount of earned DEC will go up as the accounts climb up in the leagues.

I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress.


Delegate Or Play

If you have a deck that is gathering dust, you might just as well make it available and earn some passive income, giving smaller players a chance to earn something extra too.

You can do so by joining the @herons-unlimited program.

Click the image below to join the Discord channel:

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Steemmonsters Tips & Info

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Don't have a Steemmonsters account yet?
Create one by clicking the banner below:

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Maybe I should try to set up creepycreature for this.. but I dunno😆 Im not an investor yet.. still love to play so much, but that 22k DEC per season is money mouth mode on.. slurppsss

Think you are from Team Fortress, Followed you

Hehe.. Im from team possible for sure .. thanks @crypticgamer

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Wow that's a good result!!

Not bad for the first week, right?! :0)

I was a believer since day 1 😂 22k in the first week is amazing! You'll probably have your investment back in no time.

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I think I'll need to set up more accounts for that. Like I said... I did go a little bezerk buying boosters;0)


I'm not completely sure that Steem Monsters is that Expensive. And this is purely because I am comparing it to Magic the Gathering.

This is Crypto, so the values are already crazy, But I genuinely feel steem monsters is affordable to get into. Comparing it to a game like God's Unchained and even Artifact.

What I like about Steem Monsters is its Earn while you play system.

Now granted, I am quite new, and I did push $250 into this, But my value is a bit more, mainly due to some luck.

This does not factor in the decks needed to play higher where every level matters.

Regardless, I do feel a player can get quite far with Steem Monsters if they are patient. I just wanted to make up some of my disadvantage for not being here for the last few months to play.

I assume you're living in a (relatively) rich Western/Eastern country?
While $10 might not be a lot in the US or Europe, for example, it is if you live in a country where 10 bucks is a week's wage...

And that for 30 cards that won't get you anywhere... (The water splinter doesn't even have magic in the starter deck...)

A couple of months ago, I conducted an experiment to see how far one could get without spending extra money: I only invested what I could earn on SteemIt and the apps. I had the advantage that I know my way around here, know where to go to earn a little extra, ánd had experience playing SM, which allowed me to progress faster. (This was before DEC came into play, though - but the beta cards were about 1/3 or even 1/4 the cost they are now). I got to level 3 summoners. The price to level up any further was simply too high... even with all the advantages I had...

I'm still all for a free-to-play version. I'm convinced it will attract more users. But during this last year, I learned the hard way that it is of no use to fight for that. It's only energy going to waste....

Every time I see one of these accounts I knew my win steak has a good chance of coming to an end!

Yeah, some of those accounts are really strong...

Thanks, I'll take a look at this. Bought 110 packs yesterday.. you dont need to tell me about the FOMO ;)

Haha, glad to know I'm not the only one who's feeling it :0)

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Great tips and Steem Monsters is great for both investors and players. Both win anyway. I didn't know about the delegation system. Thanks for this info.

You're welcome 😁