Splinterlands: How To Get In the Game Now Beta Packs Have Sold Out?

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The Splinterlands game has reached another milestone: earlier today, all beta booster packs sold out. There are alternate ways to get in the game, though, while we're waiting for the Untamed-series to be released.

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Official Beta Booster Packs Are Gone

Splinterlands (AKA Steemmonsters) is for sure the most popular game on the Steem blockchain. This digital card game offers awesome (earning) opportunities for collectors, traders ánd players.

The booster packs, which contain 5 cards each, are a great way to expand your card collection.
Once the initial 300.000 Alpha booster packs sold out a little over a year ago, the beta series was released. Earlier today, the last of the 900.000 Beta booster packs were sold.

Despite this crypto bear market, the game is going strong.

Next up: the Untamed series, which will be released as part of the Kickstarter campaign pretty soon.
Untamed cards won't be available immediately, though. The pre-sale will contain tokens only - it will take a couple of weeks before these tokens will be redeemable for cards.

How To Get In The Game, Then?

Don't worry. The fact that the official beta booster packs are gone doesn't mean you can't start playing Splinterlands today - with or without buying your own Starter set.

If you want to have your own account, you need to get a Starter Pack, which will give you access to all features of the game. You can get a starter pack here.

Once you have your Starter Pack, there are multiple ways to start collecting, battling and earning, even now the official Beta booster packs have sold out.

1. Beta Booster Packs On Steem-Engine
There are still plenty of Beta booster packs offered for sale on Steem-Engine, the internal exchange on the Steem blockchain.

2. Market
All Alpha and Beta cards can be purchased individually on the Peakmonsters market or the in-game market.

3. Peakmonsters Rental Market
You can start playing, even if you don't want to buy any extra cards, aside from your Starter pack. You can find an extensive rental market on Peakmonsters, where you can simply rent the cards you need for a set number of days.

peakmonsters rental market.jpg

4. Delegated Cards/Accounts
It's even possible to start playing without getting your own Starter pack. You can apply for a delegated account, without having to pay anything. When you play a delegated account, rewards are split between the player and the card owner, according to a predetermined percentage.

You can apply for a delegated account in the Otterworks Discord channel or in our Team Possible Discord channel.

You see... there's no reason to hold back. There are plenty of ways to get involved in the game, even now the beta booster packs have sold out.

Untamed Coming Soon!

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which will offer a pre-sale of the new Untamed series.

I can't wait!!

Don't have a Steemmonsters / Splinterlands account yet?
Create one by clicking the banner below:

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Very clean and informative post about the monster game. I hope that many new monsters will find this one and enter the game via your referral code. You should share this one on your other social medias, so that non-steemians can find it as well. Keep up the good work.

The booster pack on Steem-engine did increase 48% in value since this morning.

True.... makes me regret a little that I opened all mine :0)

Dang it! I was going to figure out how to scrape together enough DEC for a few more packs. I didn't get anything good out of all the packs I got, but I just couldn't stop!

but I just couldn't stop!

Lol! I know how that feels :0)
I really tried hard to save some instead of opening them all, but I failed miserably.

I picked up 66 more today. Fortunately, that was a pretty good batch. Better than the previous 100

I'm so excited to see where the game will go now @simplymike, I know there's more players because it's harder to win my daily quests now. 💪

Posted using Partiko Android

There are more accounts, that's for sure :0)
I'm curious too... Can't wait to see what Untamed will bring. But I need to save a little first, lol. No more money to spend for now

Man I am a gamer and feel like o am missing out on the fun!

Enjoying it? Great tutorial for folks to get involved for sure.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks, @zekepickleman.
I really love this game.
Tried a couple of other games here on the chain, but I guess i'm too addicted to the thrill SM brings to not be bored by those :0)

Aww I was going to try to get another one today 🤔 Oh well. Just have to save and hopefully be able to grab some Untamed.

Ah poop.... I have some unfinished levelling to do on some of Betas... I guess that just to be a little bit more expensive!

I'm very glad that Beta cards sold out. It means that the game is still going popular~ (I don't play the game very much but I play once in a while.) Wonder how this will affect ALPHA cards prices because I have some of them~

I stayed up to watch this go down. This is such great news for gaming in general as even in a bear market people are still spending.

I myself only bought 1 pack with DEC a couple days ago to hold. Wish I had picked up an Alpha one as well so I could build a little collection of each booster pack. I would have more than likely opened it though by mistaken back then. Rather glad with how they have it set up now so I don’t have to worry.

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I never really got into this game. I'm glad it is doing well and still around. I think it keeps a lot of people logging into Steem.


You have been manually curated by the @steemmonsters team!

Enjoy your juicy upvote and keep creating excellent Splinterlands content!

Great, concise info with links to all the things! 🥰 @carrieallen

I don’t play the game but thanks for all the info.

I gave my original packs away 😱 I am just not much of a gamer. Maybe I should have kept them since the person I gave them to is no longer on Steem...


Cool! I have been eyeing Steemmonsters for some time ((:
Will supporting its Kickstarter campaign get us any starter packs? Thank you! (:

It does....
I believe the $5 tier is for a starter pack