Season Rewards and Small DEC Contest

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Season 2 comes to an end for me. This is way more than the second season for most steemmonster players but I have only played 2 seasons as I was away from steem for a brief while.

How many seasons have you played? I am wishing I was around for a few more seasons. I would have been able to earn my self way more these awesome rewards cards that are given out to us Splinterlands players.

Let's get on to the rewards that I was able to get this season.

skybuds season 2 steem win.png

As you can see I was able to get my self 4 rares and I thought that was a pretty good grab for only getting 15 cards from being in the silver league.

The best card IMO that I was able to get was the FURIOUS CHICKEN
This card being a 0 mana and a neutral card it is able to go in almost any deck as long as you got 1 card slot in your deck available. I rented this card a couple of weeks back and trust me when I say it does come in handy a lot.

The second rare that I think I may end up using with my red summoner a few times is the rare BEETLE QUEEN that cost 4 mana and has 1 armour and 2 health.

In the end, I am alright with the rewards I was able to get from this season. What are your best reward cards from this past season?

I am going to do a little give away at the end of this post with you leaving me your favourite reward card you got this season and I will do a random generator to pick the winner.

I am gonna give away a small amount of 100 DEC to the random winner.

How to enter

  • Leave a comment with favourite reward from this season
  • Resteem this post for more people to enter



I only played the 1st 2 seasons. I recall getting a cool card as a reward for playing, but i cant recall which one it was.

You should play and earn a few reward cards. Can always dump them or keep for later price rises

I have to agree with ya, the chicken is a lot of fun to use. Got mine up to level 5 so far. Now it's a 1, 1, 1. Watching it attack is hilarious if it actually scores a hit.

Nice, They one I rented was lv 5 as well I think and it was good. Takes so many card to get to 5 tho.

You entry one and only so far. It is hard to give things away I guess.

This is my first season so no rewards yet. Post resteemed.

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