Splinterlands Contest (Win 100 DEC) #47

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Splinterlands Contest

I will host a Splinterlands Contest Everyday on STEEM blockchain until the game transitions to hive.

This contest is super short and easy that everyone has a chance to win.

The winner will receive 100 DEC.


Contest rules:
Show off your Splinterlands battle tactics. Comment a link to your battle for a chance to win.

Winner receives 100 DEC
Winner announced after 24 hours.

Good luck!


Congratulations @talaxy Winner: Splinterlands Contest (Win 100 DEC) #47.

Please note update to the daily contest rules. A winner will only be declared when at least 3 unique account valid entries are received. Good luck on future contests.

alrighty :)
great thank you...
so for this contest am I gonna receive it? I wonder how to send/receive DEC coins... ?

nice contest :) Here is my tactic and battle link:

Hiding the flying monsters to the back in "earthquake" mode helped me to win this game