Steem Monsters 110 Packs Purchase, was it worth it?

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I have been watching the Beta pack supply dwindle with interest over the last few weeks. Talk about a FOMO instigator!


For a while now I have toyed with buying 100 Beta packs, or 100 Orbs.

The Orbs may seem a better idea as there are less of them, and they are generally more valuable but the Winds of Change expansion is so tiny I would have many more duplicates.


So Saturday morning, I dished out $200 and bought 100 packs (gaining 10 for free).

I was expecting to gain a load of SPP points for using the SteemPlus link, but it doesn’t work. That’s kind of annoying.


Earn SteemPlus Points (SPP) for each Steem Monsters pack you buy from SteemPlus.

Perhaps @aggroed or @yabapmatt can confirm this is no longer available (for packs), though it works for single cards via the Marketplace.

Now you might think it would take 30 minutes or so to open all these. Not so with me as I was quite determined to get the value and inventory all the pulls, so I got Excel ready and noted everything down.

I will say, I was not expecting to make any kind of profit on immediately selling everything; that would be folly.


Pulling the pack onto the orb and getting all that sound effect stuff never seems to get old with me and generates excitement.

It reminds me of opening packs of Magic the Gathering, but in SteemMonsters most cards are useful.

Not so in the Wizards of the Coast game where most things, not rare are usually dustbin fodder.

Opening 110 packs took me the best part of 2.5 hours with all the noting down of what I received. I used a 25% Legendary Potion and a 25% Alchemy Potion for the larger part of all the openings.


Many packs are like this one, quite boring and an anti-climax.


Some packs are much better and I had two foils in one such pack.

In fact, it was the foils that saved the day. On pack 10 or so I pulled a Spirit of the Forest.

This was to be my ONLY Legendary card. 110 packs and that was it. I must have a faulty potion or something.


Not so with the Alchemy potion and the foils were generous.

Peaceful Giant; I remember @steevc asking me what the point of this card was. He’s quite useful as a big dumb meat shield especially when no Melee creatures are allowed.

The neutral common cards are expensive on the marketplace, so much so that I have avoided buying them.

The problem is that you still need 52 to gain a level (6) one, to use with a level (5) summoner. I did get around 20 of some but that’s still not enough.


13 foils in all, with Screaming Banshee and Raging Impaler being the best ones, both touching $20 each.

22 Epics seems fair. Maybe I got more of those to make up for the poxy Legendary number.

Regrets? No, it was great fun opening all these and I figured out the total value of the cards is around $185.00 if sold now at the cheapest prices.


Take off the 5% and it’s around $175.

So that's a loss and I'm presuming I can sell all those desirable Animated Corpses and Rexxies at Market Value?

Perhaps, but I’m looking ahead and into the future. There’s only 19% of the Beta’s left now.

Soon FOMO will kick in and they will all go. Then they will be out of print.


That means prices will start to rise. Not right away but in time. I see all this as an investment and I haven't used any of the new cards yet.

I have faith in SteemMonsters. Add some new cards in the next Core set (if that’s what you call it) and it will turn the game on its head.


Your luck is like mine @slobberchops. Pretty dire. 😢

I opened 200 packs with 4 x 100% Potions, so 1000 cards. Legendary chances are 0.8% so with the 100% are 1.6% so for that number of cards I should have gotten 16. I actually got 14.

Chance of gold is 2% so I should have gotten 40. I got 36 so I'm short again. 😢

Taking into account the cost of the potions, and using the market value from Peak Monsters, I have made a loss of $107. 😱

And yet other people seem to consistently get GFLs in multiples out of much smaller numbers of packs.

I'm not sure I believe in bad luck in such things but the last time I bought a bunch 100 packs I had a similar experience. The golds and legendaries didn't make the potion minimums and I made a >$50 loss.

However, that loss may have already been wiped out with the rising cost of the cards.

By the way . . . if you decide to buy a bunch of packs again it's easier to do so with an alt account. That way you don't need to do a spreadsheet since all the cards will be in one place.

Also, you can get an affiliate repayment if you open it with a link from your main account.

I opened 200 packs with 4 x 100% Potions, so 1000 cards.

Blimey, your worse than me! The thing is you cant even level up from 5 to 6 by doing this as there's still not enough cards.

Also, you can get an affiliate repayment if you open it with a link from your main account.

That's a useful tip, thanks.

I think they will go up in value soon enough. I'm getting the hang of playing 3 games at once, you should try it by splitting the splinters on to 3 accounts. Great for max DEC!

Join a guild too, that way Orbs are cheaper. Mine are no longer 2500 DEC each.

you should try it by splitting the splinters on to 3 accounts. Great for max DEC!

Someone else said that to me a couple of days ago but I can't play 3 accounts at once. I tried it and failed miserably. 😂

Join a guild too, that way Orbs are cheaper.

I haven't got my head around that either.

I'm hoping to have some time to sit down with John today and go through the maths of the various options.

As I said in my recent post I think I'm going to move more towards investor with less playing. It just seems to get more and more complicated and I find it hard to keep up.

heheheh see THIS is a recognizable story and I would totally be capable to doing it again in some night that I can not sleep, because what you say...the turning putting them on the orbs is just awesome. Im saving my DEC from quests to get Orbs along the way as well...I know its not always worth it, but I just like the magic of opening them

Your investment will pay back..Im sure of it

Im saving my DEC from quests to get Orbs along the way as well...I know its not always worth it, but I just like the magic of opening them

Thinking of getting some Orb cards too. The set is so small though, and you will get lots of dupes. I wouldn't mind a stack of Armorsmiths though, that card rocks.

but I just like the magic of opening them

Yeah, its great isn't it.

You probably would have been better off just spending $200 on Beta summoners on the market!

Then again I guess you get the gambler's chance with buying the packs!

At least you got value.

Very interesting! I am not a big fan of the potions anymore. At least on the legendary ones. I have a 50% potion I bought that has given me pretty much nothing. I am going to write a post about it today.

I still regret not buying more Alphas and now am paying literally the price for cards to level up that collection. I am eyeing buying a bunch with opening half and holding on to others!

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It's all a big gamble but I have noticed that whenever changes are made to the game, there's a spike in interest and the cards. With the advent of the Beta's ending soon, that change will come soon enough.

Only ONE legendary card out of 110 packs? Thats very unfortunate! Atleast you got lots of GF cards!

Yes, it sucked but I'm not one to cry over spilt milk.

That's a lot of cards! I am trying to play a bit less and am doing free leases to some small accounts so I cannot really play. I am reluctant to invest a lot of money in the game and I would have to if I want to get any higher in the leagues. Silver I is about my limit. I have made use of the DEC to buy some votes, but have not got into orbs and potions. It takes forever to get enough DEC for those at my level.

Did you start a guild? I am not even sure what that does.

I joined another guild in the end. It's a level 5 one, and I now get discounts on things in the store such as Orbs.

DEC has seemingly been nerfed. You now get much less than before when winning a match.

Thanks for the breakdown - I was looking for something just like this before buying a large stack. I'm always torn between buying the packs and buying the cards I think will have future value directly off the market. This helps.

It's a gamble buying packs, but it isn't half good fun! If your deck building, buy singles.. it's a much better way your get your cards.

Quick question: Can you turn Pots on and off. For example, could I turn off a pot while opening rewards and turn it back on when opening Beta or Promo packs?

I dont think this is possible. The workaround i heard from people is they use a separate account for opening packs in order to bypass using potions.

Wow. To me $200 is a lot of money and like you said well selling all of the cards now will be in a loss and it serves as investment as the price might soon kickstart up.
Great. Was actually hoping all the cards will have been worth much more than the $200 you spent

The future is always about investment and worth taking risk of. Who knows, the price might soon jack up for the cards than what people predicted

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I quit quiet some time ago with the steem monsters, it was taking to much time for me lol... But 100 packs (110) wow.....

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