Kickstarter Alchemy Quest: Turning Pledges into Potions!

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Well, Kickstarter fans. So far it's going pretty great. We've unlocked all the beta, promo, and rewards cards for physically printing. We've added $100/week to tournament rewards. We've unlocked a mighty chain golem to smash your opponents on the battlefield. We've unlocked triple the number of stickers that were supposed to go out there. I mean that's all going really well!

But, we can do better! We just need the right incentive!

Legendary Alchemy!

If you're new to Splinterlands, potions increase your chance of getting legendary or gold foil cards. We want people to be able to open packs right away and many people wait until they have potions. That means you're going to need some potions available right away. So, let's make that happen.

If the campaign gets to $150,000 in total contributions and 250 backers we'll include Brilliant Legendary Potion charges with the rest of the rewards! You have to spend a minimum of $45 to qualify for the potions and they are available to all reward tiers.

For every $1 spent you'll get 1 Brilliant Legendary Potion charge! Each Brilliant Legendary Potion charge doubles the chances of one card being a Legendary. Please note that this does not include dollars pledged to cover shipping costs.

Players who pledge higher amounts will also get bonus charges above and beyond the 1 charge per dollar base:

  • $200+ pledged gets 5% additional bonus charges
  • $500+ pledged gets 10% additional bonus charges
  • $1,000+ pledged gets 20% additional bonus charges
  • $2,500+ pledged gets 30% additional bonus charges
  • $5,000+ pledged gets 40% additional bonus charges
  • $10,000+ pledged gets 50% additional bonus charges

If we get to $200,000 in total contributions and 300 backers then we'll also include Brilliant Alchemy Potion charges at the same rate! Each Brilliant Alchemy Potion charge doubles the chances of one card being Gold Foil.

As an example, if the campaign reaches $150,000 / 250 backers and you have pledged $1,000, you will receive 1,200 Brilliant Legendary Potion charges. If the campaign reaches $200,000 / 300 backers then you will also receive 1,200 Brilliant Alchemy potion charges! This amounts to over $100 of additional value!

How can we get there? We need your help!

Marketing in crypto land is extremely challenging. It's expensive and the audiences are small. It's not a great setup. If you'd like us to give you free stuff we need your help to get there.

So, please write about it using ks-splinterlands tag. Post on Steem, mention it on Reddit, tag a friend in facebook.

Also, English isn't everyone's first language. If you are fluent in another language please feel free to take the posts we're making and translate them. Let us know about it in Discord if you do!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I'm missing an "All virtual" option for all the pledges. Physical cards and T-shirt might be great, but living undercover at the 'end of the world' make me hesitate from making a pledge...

it's listed, $45 all digital

What I mean is an "all digital" option for all the pledges, like the $500 or $1000 options...

and to add to jarvie's response, u will get 1 untamed pack for each $2 u pledge extra.

You just choose the $45 pledge and then input whatever amount you'd like... you can choose $45 and then pay $500 if you want.

greetings, @steemmonsters

excelent notice. thank you a lot

Wow. Mad FOMO trigger right there. That's insane. I think you'll hit them, too.

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I love the idea, great promotion, this is definitely interesting to see how the whole campaign unfolds. Best of luck to you and hopefully it turns out beyond your wildest expectations.

Nice addition to the free rewards.

That $10,000 package is looking better and better with each new rewards yous give out for free. I need to put some crypto together so I can make my pledge :)

I just created a little post advertising the Fundition/Kickstarter/Presale before reading this topic. I was unaware of the KS-Splinterland tag. I will use it next time.

Remember to include the link to kickstarter campaign ;)

I'm IN at the $200 level and I'm glad to see on Kickstarter that we're almost at $130K!!!

That means that the odds of the Kickstarter campaign getting to 150K for us to get Brilliant Legendary Potions is Excellent! And I think we'll get to 200K and get thr Brilliant Alchemy Potions too. Exciting times! :)

Very Cool ! I intend to buy, but only in a few days, I hope that everything is not sold out.

Darn $10 off from getting it I think :(
I technically spent $45 but $10 is from shipping :(
Oh well
Keep up the great work!

shipping doesn't count for this. Sorry bud!

Very good information

@steemmonsters are we included in the kickstarter if we buy packs directly from the site? Thanks

Hi steemmonsters,

I think I encountered a glitch. When in market I bought 2 alpha Zintar Mortalis but lost my 1 beta Zintar Mortalis after the purchase. Can I get back the beta card? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Are u sure you have one before you bought 2 alpha, if you dont have a starter set card, it still shows up and u can play it, but as soon as you buy a alpha or beta card, it goes away.

I am just realizing that I can not sell starter set cards nor trade them. Kind of disappointed that this was not clearly defined when playing the game. Now I see it happening to one of my common cards once I purchased another similar card.

Anything for the little guys?

I'm confused. Legendary? Alchemy? or Legendary Alchemy?

alchemy quest starts with free legendary potions and escalates up to free legendary potions too

Ummm your explanation confused me
Starts with legendary potions and escalates to the exact same thing?

fair enough. Starts with legendary and then escalates up to alchemy in addition.

oh ok i actually didn't know that... very cool

This is so awesome! I am one of those people that does not open up any packs without the brilliant legendary and Alchemy potions! The proof is in the numbers, I opened up 1 gold foil legendary in a whole year of opening so many packs. Once I started using the potions when they came out, I have opened up about 5 more gfl! I love those potions!
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