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RE: Steem Monsters 110 Packs Purchase, was it worth it?

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

That's a lot of cards! I am trying to play a bit less and am doing free leases to some small accounts so I cannot really play. I am reluctant to invest a lot of money in the game and I would have to if I want to get any higher in the leagues. Silver I is about my limit. I have made use of the DEC to buy some votes, but have not got into orbs and potions. It takes forever to get enough DEC for those at my level.

Did you start a guild? I am not even sure what that does.


I joined another guild in the end. It's a level 5 one, and I now get discounts on things in the store such as Orbs.

DEC has seemingly been nerfed. You now get much less than before when winning a match.