Steemmonsters, So What Happened Overnight ?? I Saw The BEST Summoner IN The Game Go UP Almost 20 Times in Value !!

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I Just Can't Believe It, Last Night I was Looking at the Market for This Steemmonster Card That Happens to be Probably The BEST Summoner in the Game..............
Screenshot_2019-11-15 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (5).png

Very Early this Morning You Could have Bought I know at Least FOUR of Them for Under $500.00 a Piece..........

Now I must Share With You that I Sometimes Stay Up Late and Play Steemmonsters until Early in the Morning before I go to Sleep........

So When I Woke Up Today I Saw This !!!
Screenshot_2019-11-15 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (6).png

I Own This Card and it is Now Worth More Than One BITCOIN according to the Estimated Value.........

Now You have to Ask Yourself Has Steemmonsters Been a Waste of Time ???

I Don't Think So, Do You Want to Buy an Archmage Arius ??? There Are 3 Currently Available..........Screenshot_2019-11-15 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (8).png
Screenshot_2019-11-15 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (7).png

I am Going to Be Keeping a Close Watch on the Values of All of The Steemmonsters Cards Very Closely Now and I am So Happy That I was an Early Adopter.........

I Will Be Doing Some Speculation on Other Monster Cards and Leveling Up my Existing Cards as I Can.........

Are You in the Game Yet ???

What Are You Waiting For ?

Will You Be Purchasing Any Untamed Packs Now or Are You Going To Wait Until the Values Go Up From Here ?
Screenshot_2019-11-15 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (9).png

Finally Drop a Comment Below and Mention in Your Comment I Want a "SEA GENIE" and Seven Days From Now I will Award TWO SEA GENIES to a Couple of my Commenters.............

Thank You @aggroed and @yabapmatt For Creating the BEST Game on any Block Chain and Thank You For Helping To Build my Wealth !!!

If you enjoy content such as this then please feel free to UP Vote........

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Also Support all of the Silver & Gold Stackers as well as #steemsilvergold !!!


Dang. That’s a crazy spike in price. Glad I have one.

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Thank You @contestkings, I like Big Whales in the Comment Section.........

I want a Sea Genie! A gold foil one please😂😂🤣!!!!

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You are Supposed to be Driving and Not Texting Young Lady....... Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Be SAFE.
I think You will have many GOLD Monsters before it is all said and Done.

You are In the Draw ! @silversaver888

Now you have two :)

Congrats another Regular Sea Genie in Your Deck, Card Sent

OH MY!!! THANK YOU, @stokjockey!

Thanks!!!! I am thrilled!

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Wow! I still get the mystery potion in hope of this card one day! I will tell you I have noticed some cards just going so high up in price like the Alpha Elemental Phoenix! It is $33 a card! I mean that is the most expensive one right now I see! I will be giving this an upvote from steem Monsters! Great post!

I Know I saw that too @clove71 and I am Glad I have the Phoenix all Leveled UP. In Fact it was the FIRST Alpha Legendary that I wanted to get at the TOP Level.........

You must have an army of these Genies @stokjockey.
Let's see, you already gave me one, for a grand total of three cards.
Should have five for a team.... two short...
Sure, I Want a Sea Genie!

You are in the Draw Young Lady and I know How You Love the Sea @kerrislravenhill, Good Luck

Congrats One Sea Genie For You, Card Sent

It is an awesome game. I saw this too when I saw the value of my account go up by a few thousand dollars. I was like what just happened. I don't use this card but lease it out for 10 cents a day. Probably should up my price. : )

Raise that price.

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Yes it is MUCH more Valuable than Your Current Leasing Price. You Are a Good Guy for Helping Someone Else @coolbowser !!

Wow, I'm really glad I never sold mine. I've actually had it up on the market in the past for a pretty low price and no one ever snagged it. It wasn't that sought after, but I think the fact that it's going OOP combined with speculation that possibly several of the Untamed cards may have more than one attack, rendering it more useful.

It is so Interesting and it Only Gets Better From Here @sharkmonsters

Can't believe my eyes. Were those 500USD ones bought or delisted?

Ps.: I would take that Sea Genie off you. :-)

Congrats and Card Sent

You are in the Sea Genie Draw

only after confirmed buy by somebody we can tell. Or, it's the new price for this card.
'cos I can order the Rusty Andriod for $1 000 000 and more)