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RE: Splinterlands Public API Policy & Upcoming Change

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  1. Please define what specifically you mean by "Spamming or other abuse of API calls." I doubt anyone who was using Login had any idea they were doing anything inappropriate until you rate-limited it. I certainly didn't, it was just another undocumented call like all the others. (In fact I still don't know why it's different.)
  2. This post is missing a description of where one can healthily get the information which is in Login. I managed to figure this out with help from other third-party devs but since none of this is documented, if you're going to break a hook, please tell people what they should be doing instead.

I agree with you.

It should be given a standard.

For example, the api concurrency is 1 time per second

And if so, is it one time per second per hook or one time per second per account? Several of my projects hit Balances for a lot of accounts at once, for instance. (Not frequently.) Those are all accessed through the same hook by passing the account name.

No response to your questions from Splinterlands?