Message To All the Fine Folks Delegating to @thejollyroger

in steemmonsters •  9 months ago 

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I hope you are enjoying the upvotes on all of your posts.

@thejollyroger has some Steem Monsters cards up for grabs to anyone that wants them. For now I will give one card per person on a first come first serve basis. Just comment on this post with the card you want and it's yours. I realize these are not stellar cards but they are free, so there's that. :)

It'd be great if we could get some more SP so the votes are bigger, if you know someone with 20sp to spare let them know about @thejollyroger!

Thanks again, have a great weekend!!!

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Zintar mortals please or tyrus paladin OR both...

Damn! That was quick Sir Speedy! It's on the way.

That's what she said!

Or Alric stormbringer.... Basically any of the summoners lol

Can I have a card jollyroger anyone will do. Hope your day is well

Spineback Turtle on the way!

The Pirate Captain please! Thanks @thejollyroger!

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It's i the mail, Y'aaaarrrrrrrrr!!!

I wouldn't mind the Alric. :)

Also, I delegated 20SP. Excited to check out your service!

It's on the way! Welcome aboard!!

Lyanna Natura please

or Tyrus Paladium 😊

It's on the way!

WHich ever of these:Lyanna or Tyrus not sent to philippe, please send it to me, please, @thejollyroger!

I don't even have a Steemmonsters account, I never really got into this insanity.

I tried for a minute, I don't get it.

ANy summoner please... @thejollyroger