Double Daily Double 400 DEC Give Away #83(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

in steemmonsters •  10 months ago 

Today we are doing the first ever Double Daily Double and giving away 400 DEC to one of you beautiful people.

To Win

*Comment if you were in the know that you can buy cards with DEC in the marketplace? (I'm in the know)I just realized it when I had a lot more DEC in my account and check the market place, Under buy option you can select DEC.


Yesterdays winner was a first time winner, congratulations to @brumest. Go give a follow and some love to @brumest. 100 DEC flying your way buddy.

Have a productive day!

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I know because you told me

I did not realize it until just a day or two ago when I was looking to get my earth summoner from level 1 to level 2. I wonder how long that option has been because I could have used that instead of steem. Haha!

I knew from the onset when the feature was implemented and I have been buying as well.

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when did it start?

i was bummed because i had a card for sale and really wanted the steem/sdb and got DEC - but i found and can trade dec - so, i guess it is maybe useful

I realised like 3 days ago ._.

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me too

I'm in the know. I made my first DEC purchase in the marketplace over the weekend.

great, I love it

I saw it about 2 weeks ago, I've been using DEC ever since. 👍

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Nice buddy, I hope all is well

I didn't know anything, I never bought a card, but it's good to know, I'll accumulate DECs to be able to buy

yes, it seemed natural to me to buy with DECs, and I bought

Hi, where is this marketplace? If you are talking about the market on the steemmonsters website, then yes, I knew I could buy cards with DECs.

that is the one I was talking about, good stuff

I think since this option did not exist before, you were blind, but for those who started playing a short time ago realized that yes

no it was recently implemented in the last couple weeks at the longest

I didn't know that, thanks for the tip

no prob Bob

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I remember that giveaway from the other day when you said it'd be nice if we could buy cards using DEC. But I didn't know. that it's already a thing now.

I knew we can buy cards using DEC.

you guys are really in the Know

I knew. it is an awesome innovation

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I’ve been waiting for the feature to release will check it out shortly

good stuff and good luck

Yes I knew about it. But didn't try it yet

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I learned this a few days ago

Yes I knew this.

now i know :D

Yep. I knew that! 😁

I did not know, but now I do. Knowing is half the battle... thanks

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nice GI Joe reference

I'm in the know :) This is the price I always check... and then I realize I must play more.. mooooreee :))

Thank you very much for the prize, @threejay. Appreciated!

yeah no worries, keep playing to keep winning

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I knew and have done so several times already

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