Steem Monsters: 100 DEC Daily Give Away #146(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

in steemmonsters •  8 months ago 

Good luck to everyone finishing out the season. I hope you get some good reward cards.

Today's Give Away

  • comment something you would buy if you became crypto rich (a small plot of land I could use to go camping and build cool shit)


Yesterdays winner was @chekohler, congrats buddy. Go give him a follow and some love.

That's it folks see you tomorrow

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a green house and solar

I'd pay off the mortgage and buy an all expensive paid family trip for everyone to somewhere fun.

yeah that sounds so nice

If I got crypto rich I would buy a homestead that I could enjoy well I was not having to work any more

same here my friend

Real estate in Canada

I would buy enough land to shoot on, with no neighbors nearby. 🤞

what kind of guns do you shoot?

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I would buy a apartment complex.

yeah that is so smart

Residual income... and a place to stay if I ever get hard up.

World Tour.

Hey @threejay, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

probably a buncha slplinterlands packs. or pay off bills. then hodl

My retirement!

well once you retired what or how would you spend your money?

Oh I don't have to worry about how I would spend the money, that's my wife's job, and she is very, very good at it. But I think I would like to buy a large telescope and spend my nights star gazing.

A Nice Summer House Near a Lake