Steem Monsters: 100 DEC Daily Give Away #147(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

in steemmonsters •  8 months ago 

Fresh new season so lets get this started right, with another DEC give away.

Today's Give Away

*Comment how good were the reward cards you received(I didn't get any high value cards but I got good cards).


Yesterday's winner was @handtalk5, congrats buddy. Go give him a follow and some love.

See you in 24 hours.

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Thanks :>

My season rewards contained a GF Goblin Mech and a GF Undead Minotaur as well as a Black Dragon.

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Got nothing

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I was lucky! 3 darias including a golden one! A few more epics and rares; and thanks to that and getting 2 more Darias from the market, I have my first maxxed summoner!

wow that is great, congrats

Three gold out of thirty total cards.

wow that is lucky

Mine were really poor. I got 40 cards and not one single epic, legenday or gold.

In fact in the last 332 cards I've opened (the history only goes back that far) I haven't gold a single legendary and I only got 5 epics and just 4 common golds. It's pretty demotivating. 😢

dang that sucks but hopefully the due factor comes into play and you start to get really good cards

Got the new legendary, and then 2 gold foil commons

from about 100 cards together with all the accounts

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I got a GF common. Not my best season, I'm OK with my cards though.

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One new legendary and one ruler of the seas.

The ruler of the sea is a beast

I received some gold cards in the last days.

I got one also but it was a common card.

pretty good actually. I got a couple of legendary cards and three epics. best reward yet.

wow thats great

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