Steem Monsters: 100 DEC Daily Give Away #160(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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Good morning from Japan, I hope all is well with you folks. Dropping 100 DEC on one of you today.

Todays Give Away

Comment if you like or even know about the new potion system. (I like it better)


Yesterdays winner was @poyim, congrats. 100 DEC flying your way buddy

See you all in 24 hours.


I liked the old one, I got my archmage from 25% mystery

I have not use any potion before, so I don't know.😅

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What new potion system?

lol go look at potions, charges are bought individual now.

I like it, even if I have yet to get any GF or Legendary goodies with them. ....yet.... someday.... heh.

And the fact that you can buy them as a single charge, and turn them on/off is awesome!

No idea about it

I like it much more now.

yeah I like it too

Do like it, but don't see myself using it; from all the packs I've opened from the Untamed series, the 4 legendaries I have until now all dropped after I ran out of potions 😉

i like it way better. it was so much dec to get 500 charges. pay by charge makes it more accessible.

Don't use potions. I've had better luck without. I spend DEC I would have spent on the potion on the cards I didn't get.

I like it better, I usually don't have alotta DEC to buy 500 charges. 👍

Yes I do and it's designed to burn DEC tokens. I really do like it. But I need to really save my DEC. LOL.
And I love that card.

I think it's better too.

I also like the new potion system ;)

Thanks for the win!! :D

I had no idea they changed the potion charges.

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I like it better

I already like the potion and I don't even know what it is

I like it.

Hey @threejay, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

Like it. Already bought some

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I think I like it better ... but I have to go look into it again. I didn't use potions for a long time now.