Steem Monsters Daily Tip + 1000 DEC Daily Double Give Away #195(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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A new season is upon us and I really hope every one got some good reward cards. Today is a daily double so we once again increased the give away from 500 to 1000 DEC. Good luck to all.

Today's Give Away

*Comment how satisfied you were with your rewards this season (although I used 40 gold and legendary potions I did not get either my cards were pretty good)

Daily Tip-Have a plan

This might seem obvious but most players dont have a good thought out plan. What I mean by this is know what you want for your deck, DEC, and how you can use reward cards and events to reach your goals faster.

Step One- Set a goal for the level of deck you want silver, gold , diamond?

Step Two- Figure out what you want to do with the DEC you earn or WIN wink wink. Do you want to buy individual cards, packs? daily quest potions?

Step Three-Figure out a plan for reward cards, don't keep them just to keep them. Burning certain cards will give you a nice chunk of DEC and selling some cards on the market can allow you to buy others you want or need and or booster packs.

Last Step (for now)- Build a dominate splinter in your deck. This will allow you to win more often and gives you a go to splinter you know well. Mastering all splinters can be overwhelming


Yesterdays winner of 500 DEC is @blog-beginner, congrats buddy. Go give this fine gentleman a follow and some love. 500 DEC already sent.

See you tomorrow my friends.


Great tips, this part of burning cards and selling I don't do, I'm very afraid to regret later if these cards in the future are worth much more than today.

I use to feel that same way until I got my first gold legendary card and sold it for $160. then i realized the cards I sold for the pack would never be worth that much. but with that said do check out today's tip.

Thanks for the tips, mine were good also.

they were okay, thanks.

Thanks for the tips. I didn't play much last season. So this season I am gonna spend a bit more time playing. At least go up to Silver III. About my DEC, I have never spent any yet. Well, I don't have a lot either. Never use or buy any potion before. Not sure what to do with them. Should I invest in the potion?

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I am always satisfy with getting more cards ;) For this season I got (5) rares, (2) gold foil commons, and (23) commons. Not going to complain. Thanks!

This season I didn't got legendary or gold cards, for the second time only common and a few rare cards.

I enjoy this game and free cards are always welcome

Yippee.... Thanks bud. I wasn't satisfied with my season rewards. Even though I reached Gold I but I got pretty ordinary rewards.
I'm slowly building up my deck. I just lack summoners. I hope to win DEC from your posts to buy summoners.

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I finally reached Diamond I for the first time since joining in December 2018, I received 60 reward cards and got one gold foil without potions. I'm very pleased with my reward cards this season. 💕


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Gold status.
Disappointing. Just rares and commons. Boo.

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Mastering all splinters can be overwhelming

So true. Even mastering one is a bit much for me. 😂

I'm still trying to work out my plan. There are so many options.

indeed, I feel that way too

Didn't claim them yet.
But my heron's rewards were pretty bad

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The tips are excellent, I do so, but it’s difficult to sell some cards even at the lowest price. But simply to burn is unreasonable.
I prefer rent for those elements that I have weak


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sweet, thank you

My rewards cards were decent.....

Good tips, @threejay. I definitely get caught up in trying to level up all my splinters instead of focusing on one Best. You've probably mentioned in other posts - do you use any tools/spreadsheets beyond the gui to plan out your strategy?

Great question, @drjpooch. Saw a post by @darthgexe on Splintertalk recently with some battle analysis output, but I haven't reached out yet to ask how it was achieved. Not sure how to get at the data.

Thanks for the tip, @madwomaninattic. Looks like he's posted more since then. Also, I just found which looks like it has info on how to get at steem blockchain data. Weekend project.

I was not 100% thrilled with the cards, I got 2 rare cards and that was nice... but like, I need better summoners.. however, they don't come in reward packs.. :/

yeah, you need to save or win some DEC and buy booster packs. good luck

All new cards are good cards. Some cards are better than others. Was able to level up a few monsters that I use regularly, so yay for that.

I am pretty happy ok with my rewards card for last season as I managed to survive into the silver league III and was really busy with work projects.

I would definitely going to aim back Silver league this season if possible, but because I don't have summoners cards yet (still relying on starter pack acquired from Steemfest 4) so I am slowly building my deck with the reward cards.

If I win the DEC, the first thing is to decide which deck is the most powerful for my collection (from all the rewards), and then choose a summoner to invest into.

I know they are not cheap, but any DEC will help right now.

Right now my plan is to have my reward cards level up to at least level 4 if possible, and then if I have extras level 2 ones, I will least out level 4 cards cheap just for some passive income for start outs.

So far the decks I have are not much of a point to burn into DEC just yet, but if what @aggroed has planned for splinterlands for NFT on these cards, building these cards in experience is crucial for me now.

(if I don't get slaughtered along the way)

For building my splinter, I am going to invest a little more on Death and Fire, because I got a really nice Fire card that is very useful when I need them; but that also mean that I might not fulfill my quests often if the quest is not favouring the splinter I am planning to build on.

This time I reached diamond II, a delay since I had previously reached diamond I, and I had no luck with the rewards, just a couple of epics was what stood out, but that's ok, better times will come.

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