How Much Are My Cards Worth on Splinterlands

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Hi Everyone,

The other day I saw @jrvacation report on how much his decks are worth on Splinterlands. I haven't checked mine for ages so decided to check my total value is. As an early player in the game, I was lucky to get many of my cards early and they are the Alpha ones which some of them at the moment cost a lot more than the Beta ones.

Another thing to remember we do get an extra percentage in DEC if we use Alpha cards so I am glad I started out early and collected the cards. After logging in to check, I am actually surprised the total showed up was more than I anticipated. Keep in mind Steem prices are pretty low so to see the figure below was a bonus.

Here it is! The total value of my cards is worth $1470.86USD. My alt which I don't play often has around $80 of cards. Not $10K like @jrvacation but still an achievement to see 4 figures. I have never played a game which I have an "asset" of more than $100 and that is in AUD! (It was playing Diablo pack in the days). Let's hope that Steem prices will bounce up, more players join Splinterlands and in turn, our cards will increase in price.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 10.49.15 pm.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

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greetings, dear @travelgirl

Excelent value that you have on yout cards


If you liked Diablo, have you tried Path of Exile? Its everything Diablo 3 should have been.


Very nice! Alpha power

Fuck to see you next week I bought the pack and game once, I really want

Fuck to see you next
Week I bought the pack and game
Once, I really want

                 - thranax

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