Splinterlands Alpha Cards Are Valuable + 4% Beta Packs Left!

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Hi Everyone,

The past few days, I have noticed that the Alpha Tyrus Paladium as some point was at $7 per single card! No joke and I sent the screenshot of that to our Chinese group thinking I was going crazy. As beta packs are soon to sell out, the fear of not getting a good deal for alpha cards probably is there. Alpha cards do get an advantage when you win a game on Splinterlands as it will give you a higher % of DECs. People will see this as a long term investment.

I was the lucky ones and got my alphas when they first came out. Unfortunately, my Tyrus summoner is only on level 6 and I don't see myself upgrading to them higher any time soon due to the price. The FOMO is really setting in. Only 4% of beta packs are left! If you were those who didn't get in when alpha was selling out, maybe this is your turn for the beta cards!

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greetings, @travelgirl

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thank you

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I was fortunate to have My Alpha Tyrus Fully Leveled Up when it was still less than $3 per Card..............

ahhhh very lucky indeed!

I know and more cards keep going up in value@travelgirl

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😬👹 Im selling my level 5 Alpha Tyrus because theres not enough cards for sale even for me to level him up, it takes 86 cards to get to level 8 and there is only 9 single cards for sale!! its rediculious, so I need to sell him and use the money to buy a maxed up Beta Version , even if there were enough cards for sale they are way to expensive to buy!!👹👹👹😬
If Anyone is Interested Im selling my Level 5 Alpha Tyrus For Only $70.00 Thats 4.38 per card at 16 BCX, a great deal!! Maybe I should do a post about it!! Upped 100% and resteemed!

LOL!!! hope you sell it but you are right, if you don't think you need, then just sell it. Your water splinter is quite strong already :)

I saw the alpha Tyrus price rocketing too, just crazy! Mine is at level 5, not seeing him at L6 unfortunately with these crazy prices!

level 5 isn't too bad tho

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