I have made my decision [Steemmonsters Alpha Packs]

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For the longest time I have held these 2 Alpha packs in my Steem-Engine wallet
I have just watched how these 2 packs went from being 1,8$ each to over 5$ each.
But today I felt like I really want to know what's actually inside these packs, so I went ahead and sent them to my steemmonsters inventory

Before the opening I was really nervous, because, well, I have held those packs for soooo long, and I really had high expectations for this opening.

So here it goes

The first pack didn't really meet my Super high expectations, but hey, medusas' price has been going up alot lately, so I am fine with it

And here went the second pack, I was almost shaking when I put it down into the opener


Before I went to turn around these cards, I just had to admire the artwork behind them, but I was still missing the old looks of the alpha cards

And well what can I say ?
The pack was horrible


Obviously now I wish that I kept the packs, but on the other side I am quite relieved of the stress that I had when holding those packs.

And also one cool thing is that these packs put me over 1000 Alpha cards

Thank you for reading my post.
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greetings, @tsnaks

I am making this too, but, with beta packs. I am open some packs and rest another packs

thank you and have a nice day

I open also like 1-3 beta packs every single day


That must have been hard, I held onto 10 beta packs... for about a week. I opened them today also.

I'm with you, I liked the artwork on the original cards. The new ones look more cartoonish.

Be interesting to see what cards come out in the untamed series.

Yeah, I cannot wait to see the new cards, and their designs.

But the old Alpha card designs will always live on in my heart.

We Live for the ALPHA CARDS