Splinterlands / Steemmonsters: Proposal for new rulesets

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On Monday Splinterlands / Steemmonsters will release two new rulesets:

Heavy Hitters - All Monsters have the Knock Out ability.


Equalizer - The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.

Since the game now has a lot of common monsters, a large proportion of which is not used or hardly used (hand on heart: when was the last time you took a Rusty Android into your team)? also give an application for these monsters.

My suggestion is to split the "Rise of the Commons" ruleset into two rulesets:

Rise of the Commons - Only common monsters (new, this ruleset corresponds to the old name)

Rise of the Commons & Rare - Only common & rare monsters (this is Rise of the Commons at the moment)

There is also a Common Summoner (Delwyn Dragonscale), which has been used very little so far, why should you use it? It costs 5 mana and only add a magic buff while Archmage Arius also costs 5 mana and also add the magic buff but also add a range and melee buff.
So why not make a ruleset where only Common Summoner, currently only Delwyn Dragonscale, can be used. But it doesn't have to stay that way. After all, the current Untamed version still has room for a few new cards that are placed as an airdrop.

There will still be 10 airdrops, of which the next 5 are currently intended for 5 more legendary summoners, but why not issue a common summoner for each splinter (fire, water, earth, life and death) in the last 5 airdrops?

I would suggest a new ruleset:

Simply the Common - Only common monsters & summoners

Currently with the special rule that only the dragon summon can be played in this ruleset, but if my suggestion regarding the other airdrops is implemented, this ruleset would be playable with any summoner in the foreseeable future.

What interests me now, of course, is your opinion - thank you for that already!