Steemmonsters / Splinterlands: survey about tournaments

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Do you feel the same ?

The Steemmonsters / Splinterlands tournaments are often just too long for me ...

... Mostly with rule "Best of 3" played and in the final even "Best of 5".

Depending on the number of participants, the tournaments often last 1½ to 2 hours, whereby in the meantime there is a lot of waiting time for a new round.

I therefore considered taking matters into my own hands and think about registering best-of-1 tournaments.

A prerequisite is an existing interest and I ask for your opinion.

Do you think it would be good if such tournaments would take place?
Would you take part in it ?

When such tournaments take place, my idea would be to write a post in German and one in English, and use the liquid earnings of this posts for the tournament - the first 2000 DEC are incurred for the creation of a tournament (fee, Steemmonsters / Splinterlands) and I would invest the rest in prices.

Then the next question would come up:

What should the price structure look like?
The winner take it all or as widely as possible.

One possibility would be e.g. Taking 10% per price rank would be enough for 512 participants.
Ok at rank 1 (first) and rank 2 (second) I would postpone it a bit, e.g. 12.5% ​​for 1st place and 7.5% for 2nd place.

So let's take an example:
Liquid income 12240 DEC - 2000 DEC tournament creation fee = 10240 DEC for prices:

1.1280 DEC

  1. 768 DEC
    3.-4. 512 DEC (total for prize ranking 1024 DEC)
    5.-8. 256 DEC (total for prize ranking 1024 DEC)
    9.-16. 128 DEC (total for prize ranking 1024 DEC)
    17.-32. 64 DEC (total for prize ranking 1024 DEC)
    33.-64. 32 DEC (total for prize ranking 1024 DEC)
    65.-128. 16 DEC (Total for prize ranking 1024 DEC)
    129.-256. 8 DEC (Total for prize ranking 1024 DEC)
    257.-512. 4 DEC (total for prize rank 1024 DEC)

Now go ahead - just say your opinion whether you would like something like that and above all whether you would play along?
How often should such a tournament take place?
What time would it be best?
Which league should be played (Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond)?
Do you have any other suggestions?

I am very excited and look forward to any feedback!


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