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I started playing Steemmonsters not because of the game itself but because of the possibilities it offered for investing on the Steem chain yet I found myself looking forward to a new season, to winning new reward cards that would change my game play and make my decks better contenders on a higher level. There is nothing as sweet as opening cards at the end of the season and finding a gem or two within. I now understand why folks live stream their card openings. Yes the game can be addictive.

With all the development going on the Steemmonsters game, I know there is so much more fun ahead for players and investors alike. Also considering the upcoming HF21, it is definitely going to be an interesting future on the Steem chain. One of my greatest pleasure is being able to remember how it used to be when it was just Steemit that offered opportunities of expression and financial reward. Anyone joining the Steem chain does not have that memory and can never really understand how far Steem has come as a blockchain. The developmental strides in recent times have been nothing short of remarkable. What makes it even more awesome is the fact that development has not been left in the hands of the company, Steemit Inc or the witnesses voted into their positions alone, but also individuals like @aggroed and @yabamatt have joined and taken it upon themselves to push the envelope, take the risks and expand the frontiers of the Steem chain. They have opened to us the possibilities that can be had on the Steem chain if it is done right.

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At first when I started playing the sSteemmonsters game, I was using my phone. I had to deal with lagging issues and it was sometimes annoying to begin a game and find the cards refusing to move only to see the game has ended and I lost. When my phone went dark on me, I started using my laptop to surf the web and I realized that game play on my laptop was far better. Since then it has been a smooth ride playing the Steemmonsters game. I hear that a phone app is in the works. That would make a whole lot of difference for those of us who have to make use of data with care.

Some few days ago, the recent season came to an end and it was awesome for me. I had not been able to write a post-season review the season before this because I managed to delete all my screenshots from my game winnings and I had nothing to present but this time I have assiduously saved my little wins. This is quite important because this season ended with me on silver II level. Yes we have graduated from Bronze III, lol. It felt so great to see my rewards for getting to that level. Fifteen cards is no joke, I tell you. Plus I got a gold card after finishing a quest, it was amazing.

Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 8_16_2019 10_13_15 PM 2.pngSplinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 8_16_2019 10_13_53 PM 2.png

I had been using the quest potions earlier on so I was getting some extra cards at the end of each quest but I stopped after a while so I can focus on gathering as much DEC as I can. I need those DEC for other things. First of all, there are the guilds to look into. I am yet to join any guild as I am still circumspect on the one to join. I applied for a guild though but I am yet to get feedback. I don’t know the criteria they use for accepting members but I guess being a top player counts as something. I do have some wins to my belt but I far below the totem pole when it comes to that.

Another reason why I am gathering as much DEC as I can is because I hear that DEC can be used to purchase cards soon. I don’t know if I heard right or wrong but if true, then it is just amazing. This would definitely boost the price of DEC on the Steem engine and enable a more robust trading environment for both cards as well as other tokens out there. I think my delegating to the @steemmonsters account was a wise move. I am looking for similar opportunities like that by the way. Any token on the exchange that has a curation trail or delegation service, I am there. There are several tokens whose projects I can’t be involved in besides owning their airdrop tokens. This is because I have no interest in the niche. An example is the STEM community. I love to read science based posts for the enlightenment they offer but I cannot write one. I am not just inclined in that direction but if I can follow their trail, I would gladly do so.

Every card that I have won so far, whether from quests or rewards at the end of a season, I have had to combine in order to increase their stats. This is another kind of power up, I like to think. I hope to one day have all my cards fully combined as this would increase their damage ability during game play as well as increase their price whether in Steem, dollars or DEC. This is a long term thing as I do not have the financial ability to purchase cards with fiat or Steem. I have to do it the hard way. It feels very much like doing the Steemit thing all over again; posting, commenting, upvoting, getting rewards and watching my steempower slowly grow. I just feel like I am starting Steemit all over again with these cards.

The price of steem might not be entertaining now but I understand that for the price of Steem not to matter, one has to grow his or her own account to a point where one becomes not a consumer creator but an investor on the chain. The moment we move from the consumer mindset to the investment mindset, the rewards will come pouring in and then, no matter how low the price of Steem is, we will find ourselves on top. I have little stake here but I am pushing my stake as far as it can go so I can get more and be able to invest more. So I am here, writing, gaming, reading and watching as this experiment in social relations becomes something more. I was here at the beginning, y’all. I was here.

warpedpoetic, 2019


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This is so me....Im stuck at silver level 2 as well on a good season...I started off my deck with just few purchased cards, Ive been growing the deck for a while.

I steadily use brilliant potion too but have to load on dec and fight a lot because, no fiat.

The truth is one has to buy the beta summoners and power them up....truth is that they are getting more expensive in the market, and they hardly ever do come as rewards in multiples.

If the level of your summoner is not high, your high warriors wont be able to show their power...that kind of ting.

Enjoy steemin

Oh I have not considered powering up my summoners though. I think I have to think on that. It just never crossed my mind. You have given me an idea

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