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Since my phone went blank on me, i have not been able to play Steemmonsters. I ended the last season with a bronze II level. This is my second complete season played and this is the second time i am ending with a bronze II. I think i would have made bronze I except for the phone thingy that made me abandon my game play for some weeks. Any way on logging in today, i found my reward for the last season waiting for me. I got seven sweet cards for my efforts and one was a rare!

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So Mushroom Seer is mine indeed. I don't know what it does yet so i am just excited that it is a rare. Meanwhile Sea Genie is also a new comer on my deck. I am quite excited with the Sea Monster because i want to combine that card and get some more juice out of it. Hehehehe... It's healing abilities makes it my favourite in my Water Splinter deck. I am yet to see what the Rusty Android can do so i need to get more as well. With this card, i now have two of it. My Undead Minotaur got to level 3 with this new card, so y'll watch out for my Death Splinter deck.

After claiming my cards, i was able to join in on the new quest. It was Lyanna's quest and i just love using Earth Splinter cards to play. Below are two of my last game set up. I think i over did it with the Goblin Merch. That card packs a whole lotta punch i tell you.

Steem Monsters  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 7_22_2019 6_20_29 PM 2.png

I have learnt to come prepared to a fight because these dudes play to win, i swear. I don't want to be caught with my pants around my ankles. Last season i took a beating that made me weak kneed. I do not want to repeat that drama. I almost stopped playing. That Magi Sphinx is also a life saver. I didn't know what it could do before i used it and it did well. Loved it!

The next game was almost similar to the previous one in terms of the overawing power i brought to the game when my opponent probably came to have some fun. I felt embarrassed bringing howitzers to a knife fight.

Steem Monsters  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 7_22_2019 6_23_32 PM 2.png

I know that in a few matches i will be meeting those who are not here to laugh with me and i hope i have the right cards and combinations to make it to the end of the season on top. I am not seeking the gold level, silver would be pretty fine.

Any who, at the end of all the razzmatazz, i got another Rare; a Death Splinter Rare. It is going to look good on my deck when i play the Death Splinter. The Skeletal Warrior looks like a card that will do some really good things when combined right. So first quest of the season is out of the way. Let us see what the next quest would avail us. Btw, i didn't get much DEC in this quest, i guess it is because of the low level of the quest though. Anyways there are more opportunities for that ahead. The cards i win gives me more pleasure though.

Steem Monsters  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 7_22_2019 6_24_51 PM 2.png

One day i will get a legendary or a gold card and it would begin to make sense, yes. Until then, i am at the bottom rung, scrapping whatever comes my way. I hope i get enough data to keep playing though. This gaming consumes data, i tell you. We will build something out of all of this anyway. Good evening.

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