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Today's game was rough. I have been avoiding two splinters for some time now. I am referring to the fire and light splinters. I can't seem to use them well and i lose often than not when i battle a quest with them. Today, just to bust my balls, i found a quest involving the fire splinter. I thought to myself hell no! and quickly changed the quest and i found myself in a death splinter quest. Awesome! i thought.

Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 8_2_2019 7_11_03 PM 2.png
My winnings for today's quest

The death splinter is one of my favourite and one of the earliest splinters i got lucky with. I'd rather play with death splinter, water splinter or earth splinter than with any other. My favourite splinter is the water splinter though but that is a topic for another day. So i was excited that i had gotten the splinter i wanted and i was sure that this quest was going to be a piece of chocolate cake but boy, was i wrong.

Now i ended last season well so i started this season on Bronze II. Not long after i started playing i found myself in Bronze III. I fell and i fell hard. I, who had dealt carnage last season with unbeaten after unbeaten runs could not win a single battle. I felt like weeping. I hate losing. It is a curse and a blessing. I would be tenacious, determined to win and break the game but the moment the game refuses to bow, i become overwhelmed and i start making rash decisions and the mistakes start piling. That was exactly what happened.

On the occasions that i have found myself in such situations where the game is beyond me, i leave it alone for long periods. I go do other things, play other games, write, get drunk, see a movie then i come back and everything would have a different perspective. It occurred to me to do this, to walk away from the game but i could not. I have a target, you see. I am accumulating as much cards as i can before Beta cards disappears from stock. I do not have the cash or Steem to buy so the only way is to win some. Battling is the only way i have to stake my cards and create a passive income that would boost my writing earnings. It would be nice to be able to rent some real estate in this Steemmonsters thingy, yes?

Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 8_2_2019 7_11_35 PM 2.png
There go I but for persistence.

If you notice, the picture of my winnings for today's quest at the top of this post has two cards instead of the normal one card. Yes, i invested some Steem on a quest portion. I paid 500 DEC for five charges of an extra card at the end of every quest. So far i have received a common monster and an epic monster in this little investment of mine. If it is worth the DEC invested, i think so as the price of each card far outstrips the price of DEC and some of these cards i have combined, increasing their price as well as their stats. So it is a good investment. I think Steemmonsters as an investment is a good one especially for avid gamers. I am not an avid gamer but i am hungry and angry. You know the saying, don't you? Well enough of the shilling.

As i studied my game so far, i realised something. I was reading too much. I had taken in too much information and they were just there simmering on the surface without actually evolving into tangible systems of game play. When i first started playing Steemmonsters, i knew next to nothing about it. I just selected the strongest cards on the deck and that was it. I didn't even know about the rules. Now i know about the rules and i am losing. I am paying too much attention to the rules and it is affecting how i pick the monsters i use. So what i did after several losses was to forget the rules and all i know about the game and just pick cards that felt good to me. Yes, it worked.

Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Google Chrome 8_2_2019 7_11_48 PM 2.png
You can see the win streak at the top. yes? That's how we roll. winks

I know this is not a satisfactory way to play this game. I know that the rules play a vital role in the selection of what cards to play with. I also know that sometimes, working by feel is right. I have to be able to combine my instincts with a better understanding of the rules in every battle for it to become a win each time i battle. At the end, it is not how big the card's stats are but how one combines them that determines a win or a loss.

warpedpoetic, 2019.


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