MONSTER'S SUDOKU #3 : Solve The Puzzle and Win SteemMonsters Beta Booster Pack

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Greeting's Splinterlands lovers,
Here is my another MONSTER'S SUDOKU Contest. Many of us already have knowledge about sudoku games, there many kinds of sudoku game we played from our childhood. Sudoku one of the best puzzle game I played, during my childhood I still remember that I used to cut the newspapers and split the sudoku from newspapers. I am using word sudoku method for this contest. It's really simple and I think our monsters lover's who knows @steemmonsters card's very well can solve this sudoku within very less time. Because I am using @splinterlands monsters cards name into sudoku.




  • Leave a comment with your puzzle answer, there are 10 monsters name hidden into this puzzle.
  • All those monsters name placed horizontally and also for making it more interesting between the monsters name used random alphabets, So you need to exclude those extra alphabets and find out the real monsters name.
  • Example participation :
  1. Lord Ariunthus
  2. Flesh Golem
  3. Naga Warrior

You can comment your puzzle answer like this or can markdown to table or can write down a page and share the picture on comment section .

  • There are 20 horizontal line, on those 20 lines 10 monsters name hidden. That means 10 lines don't have any monsters name.
  • The person who will comment the right answer at first will be the winner of this contest and will get 1 Beta pack .
  • Contest window will be opened till next contest & winner announcement post publish.
  • If no one able to answer the correct answer then the person who has given maximum right answer will get the prize .
  • Also all participators & comments will get NEOXAG tip by me .


  • On this puzzle grid, I placed 2x Fire Splinter Monster, 3x Water Splinter Monster, 2x Earth Splinter Monster, 3x Life Splinter Monster.
  • On last 4 lines there is no monsters name.


  1. Required: Rep at or above 40 to be eligible.
  2. ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON to be eligible. (Please do not take advantage by using multiple accounts to submit multiple entries and also by removing then rewrite your new entry more than one time.)
  3. Edited comments will not be considered valid. If you make a mistake, delete the comment and write a new one.
  4. Need to be an active Steemian to be eligible, how?: Active Steemians that regularly post their original content and are active in the community.

This are the simple procedure & rules for join the contest .




Congratulation @akomoajong for solving the puzzle so quickly.



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Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Blog

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All information, stats, Image collected from & @steemmonsters blog

  1. Talia Firestorm
  2. Cerberus
  3. Mushroom Seer
  4. Medusa
  5. Divine Healer
  6. Tyrus Palladium
  7. Pirate archer
  8. Swamp thing
  9. Sea Monster
  10. Peacebringer

Talia Firestorm

Sea Monster
Pirate Archer

Swamp Thing
Mushroom Seer

Tyrus Paladium
Divine Healer

@akomoajong, Congratulations on winning the previous contest.

@zaku-spt, Good to see that you are coming up with new and creative ways of contest. Stay blessed brother.

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