JOINING THE 5 FIGURE (SP) CLUB + Other reasons to feel good about Steem

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I just felt like writing a long winded post including a ton of my thoughts on Steem, Crypto, SteemPeak and more
But here's a picture i took earlier this week to spice it up if you don't want to read my ramblings.



I have no idea what 10,000SP makes me... dolphin, minnow... who cares. I think those labels are silly to be honest. But i'm not gonna spoil your fun. I just love the nice round number of it all and figured it was time to up the ante.


  • Motivate me to vote more because it has a bit more impact.
  • Knowing what we're doing and planning on makes me excited
  • Better to have the money sitting here than in an exchange.
  • I can move over 2000 and just decide to delegate it if i want.
  • I have potential to make a bit of dividends with it in my wallet.
  • I have no issues with powering UP and Down at the exact same time... keeps things a bit fluid.



I've had some money sitting in bittrex just in case I had bills to pay and needed a quicker exit... at least that's the weak argument I had in mind. I decided it was silly to not have it on Steem and making curation, influencing people's lives, improving Steem or delegating to a cool project.

Plus Seeing the rise of Bitcoin and a pretty good floor for steem-btc AND deciding I just wanted to hit that figurative 10k mark I pulled the trigger.



Also as a complete side-note I have been locked out of Binance for a while because of a phone reset without an authenticator reset. Also the depressingness of the markets has given me zero motivations to rectify it... but I decided to finally do it. I submitted my ID and did the face verifications and wrote a note saying for them to reset the authenticator... and boom. I'm in.

I don't even want to analyse the state of things in the last 6-8 months... sometimes for sanity sake it's just nice to put the head in the sand. I have no allusions to trying my hand at day trading anymore, I may know how to do it... but I don't have the schedule or the disposition to stick with it like a good trader should.
So now to just stick with projects I believe in or I just plain like.

The surprise was checking in and seeing where my money was before I lost the phone. Kinda cool that most of it was in Steem and even better BTC.
Time to wipe the slate clean come up with a longer term plan. Focus on being a long term investor and just focus on things I really believe in. A swing trader doesn't really care too much about that stuff just about where things are headed next week or in the next month or two.



I feel like researching other projects really helps me understand hidden potential for steem and @steempeak

I just did a 10hr drive back to Utah where I listened to hours of information about EOS.

  • Interesting to see how similar they are in many ways.
  • Their voting system, their block production etc.
  • I'm really pretty envious of their multiple signature stuff and even the DAC stuff @lukestokes works on over there.
  • It's interesting to see the big issues they have and how their community handles it.
  • It's fascinating to see just how much they invest back into EOS development. About 100 block producers mostly all make great money which ideally is freeing a good portion of them up to work on great projects. They also seem to put the majority of their inflation toward worker proposal systems. And all that on top of Block.One having raised crazy amounts of money they are gonna use to support projects on EOS.

I'm much more a believer in finding ways to support great projects on Steem.
Also I'd love to see multi-signature on steem some day.


I want to research more about Tron and Raven
I became more interested in Tron because of the @steemmonsters integration and the connection with their community.
Then i used their tronlink wallet and was super impressed by it. Smooth as butter. I just love systems that are fast like Steem, Eos, Tron. It really gives me a bad taste for something like Ethereum that for some reason I've always had a chip on my shoulders about. And well Bitcoin is Bitcoin... it's just gonna do it's bitcoin thing.



  • I've really been enjoying the RENTAL MARKET found on for the Splinterlands game (@steemmonsters)
    I have the 3rd or 4th most open contracts over there and that brings in a good $70-80 a month ... all while still having 2 nice accounts open to play with (normal and gold foil)
  • I've delegated a bit to SteemMonsters which is getting me a bit of DEC on the daily
  • Obviously playing Splinterlands is also a bit of DEC, though I barely play enough to make it to champion league... but not even in the top 125 players.
  • I still sell some cards from time to time and burn some for DEC
  • Truth is I've tested my own product (@peakmonsters) probably more than I should have over the last year. It's likely way to big a portion of my portfolio. haha
  • I've bought a fair share of Eng and DEC in the steem-engine market
  • It's not like it used to be when everyone was establishing their big collections but @peakmonsters as a small business still does well as residual for those months of hard work me and @asgarth put in (and still plan to put in)


  • Development has been rolling along amazingly as of late. For a while there seemed like both me and @asgarth were traveling all the time.


  • In just two of those updates in the last couple weeks I count 23 improvements to
  • And we already have a set of new updates just waiting to be released after some testing.
  • It's kind of a lot of house keeping to some extent with a few medium sized features that have great impact.
  • I think that clears the way for some big features coming up soon.


It's really exciting. I think we've got enough of the small stuff done that we can finally put into action some of the features that can bring in the masses.


I've always envisioned this as the best place for big creators to come and really have the best experience with their followers. Steem isn't that place... YET. I love Steem... I think SteemPeak is great as it is, Right now. But it's not a place for content creators to really thrive... YET. But with a few really solid things it can be. SteemPeak has done Zero marketing but there's a reason for that. Because when we go ... we'll go big. I have my own Personal strategy just among people I know. Keeping those "famous" youtube and photographer friends in the back pocket for when the time is right when we can really offer them something they can't resist. In the meantime I still talk to them about it when i'm around them, but i say... "time isn't quite right". When they come in I don't want them to just play around ... I want them to be 100% sold that SteemPeak (and Steem) is very much the place they can expand their already large businesses. One time I calculated it up and 20+ of my close personal friends had 1+ million plus youtube followers. We know how that is in reality with some social medias... but some of them are at the 11 figure mark and interested. But not yet... bringing people to steem means NOTHING if you don't have solid reasons to keep them here. I could bore you with what I think the reasons are and aren't but i think the more important thing is that we have those plans built into what we're planning for SteemPeak. So let's just let the actions speak for me.
To be honest it's still a long game.... steempeak has been an amazing Steem Front end for a year now. But it's getting so much better @asgarth has been on a roll and @peakmonsters is smoothly rolling along waiting for the big spike of players.

Oh How i'd love to see help for @asgarth on the development side. I mean maybe someone out there is interested. haha



But in the meantime the features I've been enjoying the most on have been

  1. Short Descriptions + Sharing on other sites
  2. My own perma-link
  3. Click to view pictures larger
  4. Seeing my Steem-Engine token balances
  5. Steem News feed
  6. Switching between accounts quickly and easily
  7. Snippets to add things I often put in posts. (Like that line up above)
  8. I've switched almost entirely to GRID view mode after we developed the pop-out posts.

But I truly believe our BEST features... they're still to come.


Thanks for the article and updates @jarvie. Certainly exciting that you have friends who have that type of pull on other social media platforms.

Quick question: Are we going to see a PEAK token created? What are the plans for token integration into your platform.

By the way, I use Steempeak everyday. Typing this comment on it in fact.

@taskmaster4450 glad to hear you're using steempeak... I was wondering with the templates, snippets and all the seo stuff we have.

its handy having spent time around youtubers for many years to know a bit more how they think and be around to hear them talk about their issues. We certainly need to get away from the thinking that they'll ever find reward pool satisfactory and motivating. It will likely never happen. We should tell them they can increase their connections and influence by having a solid vote and interacting with their audience here. That is their language... easy free money and schemes dont work and they know that by now this is their career. But there are a few things that are their language.

  1. Influence and connection with sponsors
  2. Sharing ad revenue
  3. Patreon style micro support
    That's their language so that's where I would like to see steempeak go.

Which leads to peak token. What would you envision. Something solid that isn't a scheme. For example if we had products/services people wanted to buy wouldnt it make sense to charge steem or usd?

I love tokens for funding (but that's often expensive to stay legal) and for motivational methods. Which is an interesting idea

I will DM you on discord.

Congrats! Maybe someday for me, LOL. Still trying to figure a lot of this stuff out...

If you ever do a post "what I'm still trying to figure out" let me know as it's good research for steempeak. Haha

Kinda sad I only found this now when I can‘t give it a 100% anymore! Still resteeming this great post though! Excited for your future stuff! :)

But I can still vote you... thanks for the comment

I am huuuge fan of Steempeak and it is in fact the only one I use since it was released.
Just the search function needs to be improved, especially I can´t find any posts based on topics or keywords. To look up old posts using keywords would be awesome if that is possible.
Otherwise it is TOP!

Do keep an eye on the Binance situation.

I hope their US version will still allow us to trade Steem when Q4 rolls about for their new ToS.

What's their situation coming up?

They are changing their services for US customers to comply with regulations.

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Hey man!

Why you didn't join SNAX yet?
It's effortless and I'm getting really well! ;)

Is there a good how to?

Hey, thanks for the share :)

My pleasure, mate! ;)

Hey, a great sum-up. And congrats for the milestone, of course :)

Another possible way of accumulating crypto the good way - by being active in real life and on the Steem platform - is @actifit. Check it out at (referral link).

Followed :)

Congrats, steempeak is also my favorite frontend at the moment, thx for the great work, Steem and Steempeak needs more marketing.

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