I Just Want to Tell Everyone That I am Going to Be Flying Under The Radar For The Next Few Weeks.........

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I have Decided to Take a Little Breather and I Just Wanted to inform the Community that I Am Going to be Flying Under The Radar for The Next Few Weeks............

Sometimes There are Things in Life That Need to be Given Priority and When You are Making Some Changes you Need To Address Those Things that have Higher Priority........

I am Not Leaving Steemit or Palnet I will Still be Lurking and Commenting and I will be Posting Again. In the Mean Time I will be Watching my Steem-Engine Wallet for all of The Tokens that are Coming into All of Us. I Will be Doing my Steemmonsters Daily Quest Too........

So Everyone Just Keep Doing what You are Doing and Keep Showing Us How You are Adding To Your Stack. Real Money (Gold and Silver) is Going To Help You to Cross The Bridge, many Things Are Changing and Precious Metals will Get You to The Other Side..........

Do Me a Favor if YOU are Still Reading This Post....

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Go Over and Wish My Sweet Lady Friend @silversaver888
A Very Happy Birthday. She is so Special !!!

If you enjoy content such as this then please feel free to UP Vote........

Follow me here on Steemit @stokjockey

Also Support all of the Silver & Gold Stackers as well as #steemsilvergold !!!

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We will all be here powering up when you return!!!👍🤗

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@silvertop yes keep Powering Up The Low Prices will not stay down Here for Ever.........

Just chillin out, I'm gonna slow down a bit myself!

It's Hot in the Summertime so it's Good to Chill a little Bit @tbnfl4sun

I shall miss your daily articles and the silver show. Do what you have to do, and come back soon! We certainly will be looking forward to your return. Take care, @stokjockey!

I Will Still post but I will Slow Down a little Bit. I Will be Here For You Sweet Lady @silversaver888

Enjoy your breather. Just don’t breathe down any necks. 😉

Thanks @dfinney now to Go Up my @ssg-community delegation..............

Get it done my friend. We will be here when you return. Ill wish her a HBD.

Thank you that is Kind of You @silverd510

See ya later @stokjockey, I think I need a break too, looking for my beach towel.

Surfs Up


Relax my friend. Now I wonder is that a Coke or a beer?