Splinterlands MOBILE App is LIVE!

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Hi everyone! Splinterlands has finally released its Mobile App! You can use it in your browser on your phone! Go to https://m.splinterlands.io and start playing today! This is the post about it from Splinterlands HERE. I simply went and installed the app Steem wallet first by Rolandp and put my keys in there. I also signed into it directly from https://m.splinterlands.io and won 2 matches in a row! Nice! I love the design as well! I thought I was playing a different game at first it looked so cool! Let me know how you like it so far and how your battles went in the comments below to receive a chance of receiving a random mystery prize from me! It could be a .01 common card, DEC, am Epic, etc.

Splinterlands Discord HERE

Facebook Facebook GroupHERE

Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

Immortal Gods IG - HERE

YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

3Speak with a Splinterlands Community - HERE

Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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This is so bad ass, excuse my language. Lol For real though, if it wasn't for Splinterlands I would've left this community along time ago but it helped me realize things, even after the sale of most of my Alpha edition cards. Yes, I sure do regret it but I have climbed back into owning alot of cards again. This make me more excited for I am more of a renter to people now with my cards, so I hope this App brings in and clears the market... Would be nice. Congratulations to the entire team, keep up the great work.. Remember
"In Splinterlands We Trust"

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You are still here! You have been here such a long time! I just sold some of my alt account alphas last month- it was great! This is why the game is so awesome as it is not just about battling- there is a whole market out there- people make money buying cards for low and just HODl time LOL! You know the drill as you are a Steem Monster O.G.! The Splinterlands community is awesome, I love it! Time to battle!! I won the first few mobile battles! Let's Gooooooo!!! I will be looking out for another post of yours soon- maybe about your mobile experience! You won some DEC by the way! Have an awesome night trying out mobile!

Awesome, thanks alot and yeah so many factors that make Splinterlands a good investment, play, collect, rent, sell/flip packs, among other things.....

you sound so excited about this new development,well anyways everyone should be though...i am excited too...

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Yeah, App is finally live as an Alpha version on the web. They have taken such a good decision before launching a mobile app. This way we can also take apart to find bugs. I'm enjoying this web app. The best thing is that it is showing up everything on a single page. I mean look at how they used the whole space so wisely. Thumbs Up!!

It´s better than web version lol,,,,,

I think so too! I sent you 1 SBD!

hahaha that was you, I thought I sold a crd lol SBD are coming steemi is going high.

LOL! Keep it the lowest every day and it will sell!

really,that will be so cool for those of us who prefer to use mobile devices...

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the splinterlands is one of the things that made the steem blockchain to keep getting more interesting...

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Yea I am super excited about mobile now because now I can play anytime anywhere. The mobile interface really sucks if you want to play but I just tried it out on mobile and it seems pretty handy

Much thanks to splinterlands. seriously this is indeed great innovation towards the game

NICE!!! Sent you a card!

Excelente noticia para todos los que jugamos, ya hacía mucha falta una app para nuestros dispositivos móviles. Espero sigan haciendo mejoras a la aplicación.

HOLA! I sent you some STEEM!

Thank you so much! We are very happy!

It works. I played a battle and lost. It`s a lot easier to see on my laptop. I think it will get more people playing, though>

NICE!! Glad you tried it out!! I sent you some DEC!


So Sorry that you lost- you will win next time!

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too coool
i was waiting for that for A LONG TIME

thanks for everythings!

ps. it work exceptionally

@clove71 I want to ask you something, on the splinterlands website we have a referral link, and in the app it changes, my question is whether both links work for us?

WOW! como mejora Splinterlands en todos sus sentidos, esto es una maravillosa noticia para todos los que jugamos, y también para los que desconocen de la plataforma sepan que pueden divertirse y ganar dinero al mismo tiempo. Excelente información, ya voy a probar esta aplicación.

we have so many mobile users and i feel the new mobile app would be a good news for the mobile users...

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