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Hello everyone! I am back with another Splinterlands weekly news recap! There has been so much going on in Splinterlands lately! We need to have it all in one place sometimes to keep up with it all. In this video and post, I go over this week's top news, updates and great posts in Splinterlands!


Please hit the 3speak subscribe button so you do not miss my future posts and let me know you did subscribe. Then in the comments below, let me know your favorite Splinterlands content creator. You will now have a shot of receiving a random mystery prize from me! It could be a common card, DEC, an Epic card, etc. It will be a mystery! 3speak is an awesome video platform right here on the STEEM blockchain. I will see you all again next weekend with another weekly news recap! Have fun battling out there this weekend and don't forget to join a tournament and win some DEC today!

News & Posts:

  • View Week 5 of Altcoinbuzz.io weekly Splinterlands update HERE.

  • 10 Brand new rewards cards are coming out in 2 days! Check them all out HERE.

  • Splinterlands announces its new Brand Ambassador program! Another way to earn money with Splinterlands! Read all about it HERE.

  • Splinterlands won the title best game on Steem by Crypto Gamers! Check it out HERE.

  • Check out the Splinterlands Newswatch video HERE.

  • The awesome Crypto Girl @coruscate will be interviewing @aggroed soon! See the announcement and stay tuned HERE. Watch their 1st interview HERE.

  • Check out new Splinterlands update post about the new and upcoming rewards cards, mobile web app, and the Stun ability changes HERE The new rewards cards will be coming out on Feb.10, 2020! The Loot Chests went live on Feb.4th,2020! There is an update below regarding rewards.

  • Splinterlands Rewards Cards Update - Going live 2/6/2020 HERE.

  • What can you buy with DEC? Games! Check out this awesome post HERE and read all about it! I plan on going to try it later although I only play Splinterlands!

  • Check out @costanza's Splinterlands monthly earnings report HERE.

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Splinterlands Video Content by Players:

  • @bittrio is one of my favorite Splintrlands streamers ever! A long time and a talented player! I love his daily Splinterlands videos, he should be a Pro Comedian, he is that funny! Check him out HERE!
  • @vcdragon is a top Splinterlands player who recently started making videos. You can get great battling tips from him as well as learning about steem-engine and DEC too HERE.
  • @schubes always post to Steem very cool videos and streams on multiple platforms. Go check him out opening a few booster packs and letting you know if it was worth it HERE.

  • Check out one of his many regular Splinterlands videos from @russiandownload HERE.

  • Check out some awesome battles HERE by @burn-it-down!

Mystery Potion Rewards - Prince Julian- Winners Posts!

  • Congrats to @tsnaks on this great mystery potion card, Prince Julian! Read all about it HERE.

Splinterlands Contests to Join:

  • The great Splinterlands O.G. himself, @shoemanchu has a lovely gold card giveaway among many others! Check him out HERE

  • Want to win an upvote from Splinterlands/Steem Monsters from battling? Follow this post HERE.

  • You can also win upvotes from Splinterlands/ Steem Monsters by creating great Splinterlands content! Follow this post HERE for more info. about this weekly contest!

  • Do you know a lot of Splinterlands trivia? Win Untamed packs when you join the Telegram contest with @grapthar in Telegram HERE.

  • Do you like to create art? Win packs by creating Splinterlands art! Join up HERE.

  • Enjoy the great @threejay and his many Splinterlands giveaways! Check out his latest post about it HERE.

Where to Go for Stats:

  • State of the Dapps Stats HERE
  • @kiokizz has an Awesome place HERE to view all the rewards cards going out of print!

  • See Players Stats by jrvacation HERE. You can even open up 4 GFL fake packs there, lol!

These are some of the Splinterlands Posts I have upvoted with a Steem Monsters upvote this past week. Do you have a new, quality Splinterlands post? Drop it in the comments below and I will take a look at it as I do daily and give you an upvote if it is a good quality post! It just needs some length and great topics are how-to guides for new players to the game or some kind of new help with advice about how to pick out good bronze league team! You can also drop the links in the Discord channel called #sm-post=promotion-only, thank you!

  • Follow @stackin for awesome crypto info. and great Splinterlands content! He is a great player who has been around since it started! An O.G. Steem Monster! See his latest Splinterlands post HERE!

  • Welcome new Steemian as well as awesome Splinterlands player @cuko and check out her introduction post HERE!

  • @bittrio and his daily Splinterland videos! Check him out HERE.

  • @rentmoney has a ton of Splinterlands awesome content! I love all of his Splinterlands' posts & contests! Check him out HERE.

  • @marianeamelia Has amazing Splinterlands content including Splinterlzine! Check her out HERE!

New Player Of the Week!

This week's New Player of the Week! Goes to @cuko She has just recently started out and is doing very nice battling so far! I am sending you 3K DEC to buy some cards you want! Good luck to you! I am glad you are here!

Do you know a great new player in the game? Nominate them below in the comments and they may have a shot at it next week!

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Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

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YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

Splinterlands 3Speak Community - HERE

Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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I love posts of @carrieallen. Because of her post, I got to know about splinterlands contests and post markup and most importantly my favourite Bitmoji :P XD I really like her tutorial posts

Awesome, a Splinterlands Untamed pack has been sent!

whoops thanks so much

In the comments below, let me know your favorite Splinterlands content creator.

If except @clove71 ? 😜

Maybe I don't know much, so I may not even remember somebody...

As we can call "content creator" @yabampatt posts on @splinterlands account
about new game updates! 🤗

There was an era of the @contestkings - good job to see all the giveaways in the daly list + with the simple rules

And also I want to mention @rentmoney's posts. As interesting fun& mini games within! 🥳

Right- I am looking for anyone creating great posts or making videos that I have never seen before. It would be cool to see more Splinterlands videos out there! I LOVE rentmoney's posts! I mention his post above for sure!

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I sent you some DEC!

It's the community as a whole that I appreciate. Without that, the game would not be any fun, and probably not even exist. From the raving fans, to champions crying about new loot chest reward values; from great deals on rented cards, to surprising sales volumes from people buying assets in the game.... the community would have to be my "favorite" -if I had to give out that title to someone.

This is an awsome community- so true! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak!

Flauwy used to be my favourite splinterlands content creator, but he stopped for some reason. I enjoyed his videos

At the moment you are the only actual splinterlands content creator I follow, so that leaves you as my favourite :)

LOL! Thanks so much! He made awesome videos! I am trying to find anyone that I do not know about! Upvote their quality of Splinterlands videos, work, etc. Make sure to read the topic above Splinterlands content ( Splinterlands Video Content by Players: ) You will find some awesome streamers like my favorite @Bittrio!

Very good, I will go check them out.

What reason?

You have been sent an Untamed pack!

@aggroed because I like getting the inside scoop on possible future plans for the game.

YES! I love the State of Splinterlands! Nice!

An Untamed card was sent to you!

Thank you. I saw that. That's an amazing card. It made my day! :D

!SPT 10

I like Splinterlands writing by @anouk.nox.spt. Her writing style and good English attracted me to read her posts. She has specially created this account for #spt tag. You'd love it too.

Her posts are amazing! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak channel, thanks!

Just subscribed!! ;)

Awesome! Thanks! DEC has been sent to you in steem-engine.io!

if talking about the favorite writer then I will go for @isaria because of her lovely digital Artwork for Splinterlands.

got to know your contests by my sista

Yes, beautiful music! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak channel, thanks!

sorry I forgOt. nOw subscribed 3speak channel

I love @isaria´s music creations for the game,she is very incredible her music is very important for the @splinterlands , as a musician I appreciate her art and someday I hope to be as good like her.

Her music is amazing! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak!

i did it like a year ago lol.....


I love yours and VCs. I'm still new so watching many, learning strengths of cards and different overall strats. Great community

Nice! It is great! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak!

@ketcom because in my opinion he always put efforts into Knowledge Transfer regarding Splinterlands 👾 Ecosystem.

@clove71, Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

He does have great posts! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak. Thanks!

Yes. I've Subscribed to your Threespeak Channel long time ago. To make sure that it's reflecting, I've Unsubscribed and then Subscribed now. Stay blessed. 😁

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LOL! So sorry about that- thank you so much! I am sent you some DEC!

No problem and thank you so much for your kind gesture. 🙂

i love the post of @stackin, he is a good art creator. he gives update on splinterlands and other cryptos related stuff....

Yes- stackin is great! I love all the crypto info. too! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak!

i just subscribed to your 3speak

Thank you!! DEC has been sent to you in steem-engine.io!

dec well received.. thanks

Glad you are here!

I love the post of @chrisroberts. He write informative articles about splinterlands and he has great writing skills.I specially like his post about game strategy and monsters.

Nice- he is awesome! Let me know when you subscribe to my 3speak, thanks!

Hi @clove71, you are officially my favourite content creator for splinterlands :) I love reading your posts. Premium contents always ! Subscribed to yours 3Speak + Upvoted
Thank you for the mystery giveaway, count me in ! monster

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Awesome, thank you so much! I sent you some DEC!

Like i said on steempeak, you are my favourite content provider for splinterlands :) But this is a great post because i will know more splinterland content providers to follow. Keep up the good work @clove71 and thank you for the DEC. Have a great day !

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Thanks for the mention, DEC's and all the love ! Not sure if I am already an awesome player but I hope one day to really be that awesome! <3

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