Crypto Talk Monday #10 - A talk with witness @yabapmatt about the state of Steem and Splinterlands.

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I had a great talk with Matt Rosen (@yabapmatt) last night about the state of Steem, the SBD and of course Splinterlands.

The show is divided up into two parts.

The first part is about Steem (From 3:50 till 31:10).

The key takeaway from this talk is that Matt would like Steem to present itself more as a developer blockchain than a purely 'proof of brain' content discovery platform and he also would like the SBD to go.

We also have a nice discussion about where the value of STEEM will come from.

The rest of the show is about Splinterlands (31:10 till the end).

We talk about the development and the economics of the game itself but also about the revenue the game generates for the team and where that money comes from (crypto or fiat).

Matt explains the system they developed that increased the SP delegation automatically for players when they run out of Resource Credits when playing the game.

We talk about the mobile app that's being developed.

We also talk about how new cards are 'born' and how they keep the game balanced.

As usual, the show is fast-paced and to the point. You will learn a lot listening to Matt.

Enjoy the show!

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I am really excited about the possibility of a mobile app. I know that you can use the browser in your phone to play the game, but for me it is not very responsive or easy to use. I really think the addition of an app is going to be pretty game changing. I can't wait!

Some of the mockups I have seen look great. Can't wait!


I actually listened to this live on that day. Great to hear Matt’s thoughts and his vision for Splinterlands. No wonder he is my fav witness. Fully agree with him that Steem is more than a blogging platform or pob. For Steem to move towards becoming a developer blockchain I believe a rebranding is required. The whole world associate Steem with Steemit and just another social media wannabe. But Splinterlands has proved that Steem is more than that, it can support a whole ecosystem of blockchain game. Time to rebrand our blockchain to something else. A cooler name like EOS :)

I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. I've put the actual kids to bed; kettle's on. Can't wait :)

I hope you liked the interview, man.

This was a great interview, I especially enjoyed Matt's openness about the need / want to hold the steem token. Not surprising, he's a Philly guy! I wish you guys talked longer about this, let's open a dialog. I'm interested in all opinions. What is the need to hold the token? Why would a new person want to hold it? This is something I'm not grasping. I would much rather invest in splinterlands cards or DEC than steem. The DEC token is a competitor to the steem token. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

DEC is holding well?? That's the toke. Specifically for Drug was correct?

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Mark @exyle even Though Matt @yabapmatt sometimes meets me on The Battlefield and He is The Founding Father I actually Win Once and awhile which is BIG for me since I am Just a Little Guy............

Same... It excited me so much I had to take a screenshot.

I'll have a listen after I drop the wife off, sounds like I'll need a Yeti size coffee!


Since it was mentioned ... here is a chart of burning DEC .... the straight line is the inflation.

I'm so excited about the app!

I think it's interesting how you guys created DEC and how it turned out to be such a stable token. I had never actually stopped to think that with the burning of cards, and the want to purchase potions and such that the token will naturally stay within a set range... very interesting points guys, was great to listen to.

Fleshies have already been nerfed.

Didn't hurt the price any; kinda wish it did. I'd get more for my money.
Price only matters if you're selling; and that's not gonna happen :)

Haha! Keep collecting them, man!

Thanks for the great video and interview, you asked some important questions!

Glad you liked it!

Don't forget that another big potential game is coming out on the steem blockchain "road of rich" on 7okt! @roadofrich

I think with the launch of splinterland in steem has really helped us. @yabapmatt has than well and with the HF21 which has brought the curation-trail steem is going to be much better. Thanks to @yabapmatt!

Thanks for sharing! I loved listening to this today.

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Great Games

This is awesome! Love it!

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Great post

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curation (700px, 12fps).gif

Video stops at the 19th minute. I tried on my phone. The same thing. Too bad I can't watch it.

Reload the video and put the slider a little past the 19 minute mark. Does that work?

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Tabon mok awald l9a7ba

I don’t grok the idea of Steem potentially not being in the reward pool and instead using SMT’s for rewards.

Part of my comment from another thread:

Many of us here have worked to build our SP for the long haul. A move to SMT-only rewards has the potential to invalidate that strategy. Would only authors/curators no longer earn Steem? Would inflation be trimmed so that only witnesses, the DAO, and SP hodlers earned Steem? Or would one or more of those also no longer get the inflation? There are so many unknowns.

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