Vlog 424: Steem Marketing Issue + Steem Monsters Record! + Dporn Tribe.

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Great post by @sisygoboom HERE where he explains why we need to get out more and share Steem with the world.

from the post:

My point being that we are in a social bubble
All the positive stuff that happens on steem, more or less stays on-chain. Which is great because it means we're using the chain properly, out of need, not necessity. On the other hand, we need to share these positive developments with the outside world.

Steem Monsters Record

We had an all-time high number of players a couple of days ago on SteemMonsters @ 2177 players!! The Steem Monsters community is growing every day.


I wrote about it yesterday, but Dporn is coming back with a Tribe and they have ten content creators ready to post.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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For nearly three years, I've noticed we have a severe lack of link sharing content consumers. That's a free form of advertising most other content production platforms enjoy. Everything from National Geographic's website to Youtube, all of it. They all have link sharing content consumers. Those links get scattered all over social media. That's why I never view social media as competition to a platform like this.

We don't even need to be writing promotions and advertisements. Entertainment being passed around, regardless of content, has a tendency or luring eyes to this site, then everything else the blockchain has to offer.

There was a time I'd use the now defunct Stumbleupn as a way to market my work and this platform. I'd see hundreds and sometimes thousands of views on my old posts, back when he had a view counter. And we all know that's not us looking at old posts because this platform is known for it's short day-to-day post-to-post attention span.

Things would have been better, once those outside eyes arrived, if that little message about paying authors said something different. Something like, "Rather than donating, invest in this content producer. A one time fee and you can support them for life." That's one easy way to gather up those link sharing content consumers. Incentives. Curation rewards.

I wrote about some of that in this week old post. Drawing those consumers in is one easy way to offset the cost of every vote; create the needed surplus of money flowing in.

Great Damn, I have really studied the trend just recently and Steem is on the go, no matter what Steem will not die believe me! We can made it pretty good and enjoy with it better and greatly by initiating efficient projects as you talked of a similar project like Steem Monster, Steem Engine, Steem Token and the rest. I learnt with the Newsteem, we are gonna experience lovely project and better innovations and inventions than the oldsteem. Thank you @exyle I really enjoyed this vlog in @threespeak, continue to share your divine love of Steem with us!

haha that's so true, we promote steem to ourselves hahahaha
There should be a way (tagg or something like that) where you can repost what have you done to promote steem outside and be properly rewarded for doing so

I think that there should really be an SPS for marketing and it should be split among tribes, that way tribes can also go after new users too. It's easier to connect with users when they see a site with content they are keen on. Steemit is so generic and overwhelming and unfiltered new users can quickly be put off.

Perhaps like let's take Leo for example and we market in LinkedIn, Facebook and Reddit for investor type content and we can also put money behind paid ads targetting users who have shown interest in this type of content.

Search for your content on Google. Share your content with targeting the right search words so your content will be picked up by others.

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I don't know about Dporn...?
We should think about what
we wanna bring from the "old world"
to the "new world" / new solutions...
The last thing what this world needs,
is more porn...
Think of the youth!

At last someone with a functional logic..

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Thank you.
Yes, this world needs sanity.

I can think of many things the world needs less of. But that doesn't mean it's just going to go away.

I believe blockchain can improve and make this industry better and more honest for many content creators and that's not a bad thing.

"Conscious Porn" ;)
Hey, if you manage to get rid of "teen" porn....
I'm with it... with a more yes.... conscious, mature approach...
Minimum Age 23-25
Satan himself is triggering "teen" with everything you tip
into a pornplatform.
That def. needs to stop!
If Dporn can work in that direction or with a Overstanding
like that, i could respect it...

steem monsters is unstoppable creating new all times high always

ha exyle the monster, a fit / healthy looking one at that!

yeah i'm not on any other social media, never really thought about it but think you hit the nail on the head - no rewards so why bother :)

Sometimes I wish I spend more time back in the day on social media for the single purpose of me being able to share the word of Steem more :)

Steem needs marketing and done properly or we are going no were.

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Definitely I agree, I think that marketing needs to take a notch or a step closer to professionalism of were going to share or sell steem to the social world who doesn't even know about steem. Believe me, i definitely read that post and he's basically made a lot of altruistic notion about steem. I will love to see the return of dporn. Amazing vlog here @exyle as always

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Hello dear
how are you ?I hope you are so pretty and healthy.Recent you have published that post it is realy so much beautiful

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