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Recently I have been working hard to raise the bar for both myself and the entire @Splinterlands community, in terms of content creation for the #spt tag. After a back and forth of what we all want to see, I decided that I have to a) improve my own content as much as possible and b) help everyone else to get more out of their own. This includes me creating beautiful and cool images for everyone who asks, plus constructive criticism of articles, with useful tips of making it even better, while upvoting their content with the @monster-curator trail.

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Check out @mushroom-monster

A @splinterlands fan project by @flauwy and @kayrex

Splinterlands Fanart: The Werewolf HowlerThe Crypto Dwarf is Back with Mushroom Monster News

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You're already creating amazing contents for splinterland you and a lady called clove a f occasionally from exyle although I don't see so much splinterland posts but From following these people I see good splinterland posts

Well, Splinterlands is already a big hit and I think, got a strong community who are mad about Splinterlands, these kind of initiatives will make it stronger.

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greetings ,@flauwy

excelent ideas!!!!

Hi, @flauwy!

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@flauwy, It's always appreciable aspect when Individuals rise for the occasion and try to add effective value to the respective Community. Stay blessed brother.

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