The Splinterlands Untamed Kickstarter Campaign Is Live!

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We have been waiting for this for long time: The second Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming @Splinterlands Untamed edition of the amazing cards we all love is live and kicking!


The goal for the entire campaign was $25,000 USD.

$31,000 USD have already been pledged within the first two hours and the highest perks are flying of the shelf like the Beta monsters from the decentralized market place, ever since the Beta sold out two days ago. Hurry up to create your own legendary summoner, before they are gone!

Let's have a look together at the promotion video and the new cool goodies we can get via the campaign.

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greetings, grand @flauwy

excelent notice, man!!
thank you a lot for share with us!!!

It’s the only campaign I’ve seen where the biggest tier rewards have sold out before the lower tiers. There is almost no demand from the poor it would seem, yet lots of wealthy people piling in.

I hope mass demand actually catches up with this investor optimism!

I think I’ll sit this one out I’m happy with my SM vest as it is!

I totally agree. Once again there could have been a lot of things been done better. Some people are now frustrated, that the high tiers were gone so quickly and that it started while it was night in Europe/Asia, so they missed out. And the lower tiers could be indeed more attractive. Also, most of my money is now already in the game thanks to the Beta hype. Something to learn from for next time - for all of us.

I see it all as a good sign, that there is so much demand and hype around the game, particularly from people with money - even though we need more regular folks coming in. I am looking very optimistic ahead.

ive already made my little backing! Getting myself a t-shirt ;) bring on the UNTAMED!

Wooooo did I just hear that after printing the first set of untamed it's stop and the only way to get it will be from the people who originally bought them? The new abiilites is the juicier part.

Yes, the same is true for the Alpha and Beta cards, which are already out of sale. You can still buy unopened booster packs tokens on Steem-Engine. There have been no new abilities announced yet but we are expecting to see many more cards with the abilities, that have been used very scarce so far.

@flauwy, Just saw an Tweet from @steemmonsters team which says that in 24 hours team raised $65000 which tells the whole story.

This game is moving forward strongly and attaining more Recognition. Most importantly all the Physical Products related to this game is coming out that's the real beauty for sure. Stay blessed.

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@tipu curate

Great move!

Hi, @flauwy!

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UNTAMED is here so have no FEAR! Great to see the Splinterlands move out of the border and continue the expansion. I've already bought my packs and hopefully I will be rewarded also with the airdrops that are to come.