The Splinterlands Kickstarter Campaign Is Exploding

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Wow, less than a week after its start has the Kickstarter campaign from our beloved @Splinterlands game nearly reached $130,000 USD in pledges and the first 100,000 booster packs from the upcoming Untamed edition have been sold. We have unlocked the Chain Golem promo card, all physical cards from all previous editions, all stickers (yay) and next will be something about a potion, that is yet to be disclosed. Amazing, well done everyone!

Besides all this FOMO, there is also FUD going on, because of the confusing campaign rules, the various different options and perks variations and people are complaining about pretty much everything, ignoring the fact the game has never seen better times. Well, only time can tell - but I am excited as it gets!

How about you?

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Do you have that markdown post link handy?
Also, do you think you could do me one of those page dividers, but in the 3 different Flesh Golem colours, with the stitches between sections, please?

Thanks for the reminder:

And yes, I can do that divider!

Like this?


Thanks, mate. Love them. Perfect.

Why complaining from some people? It's all getting better, although there can be complications but splinterland is getting better and exciting

greetings, grand @flauwy

Why we cant see the first new card if 100000 first round card to sell is reach????

thank you

Don't ask me, ask the Splinterlands team! ;-)

Lookin forward to the new cards man!! My game has been weak! 😂

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Then you should get some better cards on the market and talk to some of the pros, who have just placed among the top 25 on the ladder. :)

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