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Betas are sold out! How does that affect the status of the flippening?

Are BETA tokens worth buying?

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Amazing stuff here, I use to look into buying of starters but I didn't have the basic knowledge about it. The screen recording was Very helpful really, thanks a lot

Nice work mate 💯
Always excited about blockchain games, they never really makes the game boring & as soon as the update launches the games gets even better!!

Yeah, the kickstarter should be up "imminently." I'm excited!

so if buying the beta packs is flat, then is it better to sell them or open them if you still have some at the 2 dollar price?

In terms of expected value, it would be about the same to open them or sell the token.

If you are talking about low numbers of packs, the variance (luck) will most likely deviate significantly from the expected value. In that case, you'd be better off selling the token.

It always depends on what you are trying to accomplish. There are a bunch of people that are going to sit on their unopened packs and sell the tokens later for a hopefully large profit.

I have 200 packs left and am kinda saving up dec for 100 of them and not sure about the rest

Running the numbers! I love it. Been searching for arbs ever since I got into the market in 2017. Was obsessed at a stage but after a while I had to get back into work because arb won't keep me afloat (at the moment). I am dead sure we will have another run!

Awesome Splinterlands post as usual! I see a Steem Monsters upvote coming soon!! 👍👍

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This is one of the most anticipated video in the entire Splinterlands world. Thank you for your numbers, Neal. And keep us posted about that when things change.

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