Can You Compete at the Top Levels with Rentals?

in Threespeak - OLDlast year (edited)

Nice job. Wow, you're good at Splinterlands.

I've been known to dabble.

In case this helps the most renters spend is much less presently

  • $4.895
  • $4.184
  • $3.218

Haha, I thought that I am the top renter, but it turns out that I am only the second one. Maybe because I have a lot of my own cards (Gold Foil). On the other hand, I rent some pretty expensive too like GF LA and GF PR. At the end of the season, I usually rent a couple of cards more because I don't want to lose a battle in the last hour of the season just because of not having a specific card so now I'm more at $4.6. Yeah, being competitive is more important for me so I pay so much haha. But I still need to reduce this amount, because it's kinda crazy right now.

I can't wait to see how the rental market evolves with more and more players coming in!


Another awesome Splinterlands video! Nice job! An upvote from Steem Monsters is on the way!