Will Steem Pump Suck Money Out of Splinterlands/NFT/Tribes?

in Splinterlands8 months ago

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The Steem pump yesterday was awesome to watch! It's been so long since we have seen some serious price action in Steem! It also had me thinking that the environment will be very different when we enter a bull-run and how it will affect other tokens on Steem. Wanted to put a couple thoughts on there and hear some feedback on what y'all think will happen!

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As always this isn't financial advice. Thanks for watching!

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I saw the pump and was happy as a clam! It could suck some wind out of the sails, but I see all tides rising for cryptocurrency projects.

That's a good way to put it

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I think many people will use a higher Steem price to buy more cards. I certainly will. However, right now I am trying to get more Steem first, to profit from a rising market, so I might flip a few cards to do so.


Seems like the move