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Okay folks, so Monday didn't go as planned, as I ended up being a bit too tired to go thrifting, unfortunately! I'm going to try to play catch-up over the week with the 2 places I usually go to, as well as visiting a few places I've not been to in a while, as I try to work out the best routes for doing things, though I see myself working that out over the remainder of the year! As far as streaming goes, I'm going to hopefully be streaming this Thursday, though I'll put up the weekly streaming status thing later this week, although it is semi-redundant on one level if I'm not streaming, though equally, the plan is to get into the habit of doing it, for when it matters in the future, as it's a good habit to have I think, even if I end up being unable to stream the scheduled slot due to #health issues. As for the #Splinterlands booster pack opening stream, that'll happen eventually this month, though I will buy some more booster packs before, as this will probably be the last time I get to open any from the current release set!

I have coincidentally received my Founder's Edition box of Ion Fury, which is waiting to be unboxed, along with #SIGIL / #SI6IL, which has been a while in coming, not helped by development delays, but sometimes they happen... either way, I want to unbox them sometime this month, but I need to think about how I want to film, though I'm leaning towards overhead with the camera facing me and filming my hands and the table, seeing as I don't have the setup to have a stable "first person" view, unless I take some cues from Ashens, who is probably one of the best examples of that format to be honest! I could also have the camera facing me and I do the "#DiggerFeast" format, which I'm more familiar with, but at the same time, I want to experiment!

All that said however, I do want to do the #Cybiko repair video as an overhead view, seeing as I need as much clearance as possible, given it's such a small table I'm working on! I'm still waiting for my replacement crystal oscillators to arrive, but I want to first get some #soldering practice in, both in terms of in general, but also on the camera because I want to make sure I'm working safe in that regard, seeing as it's no joke having something that's hundreds, if not thousands of degrees hot! This also means I need to get a larger foldable table at some point, so I have space to work and also deploy my kit, as well as also keep all the bits of what I'm working on safe, which will mean that any soldering will likely be delayed for a while, though as I didn't see any damage that the leak caused on the #GP32, leaving it for a while longer hopefully won't do anything bad, although the Cybiko does need to be worked on ASAP, as I'm not sure if the same applies to it.

It's just as well I know what I'm doing now, and have the batteries (also slightly higher capacity) to replace the leaky ones, although I probably will keep them in a little bag of some description, outside of both Cybikos to prevent that happening again. Likewise, if I get any more in the future, I know where to get the batteries from, as well as what needs to be done to get them fixed, as I'm going to make it standard policy now that any "brand new" (or even used) vintage battery-operated electronics get their boxes carefully opened up, and inspected for any leaks, though I will be wearing gloves every time I start inspecting, as I really don't want to get battery alkaline on my hands! Staying with the retro computer and electronics angle, I have another thing I want to film eventually, before the end of the year, but it's in storage, so I'll have to get it after I've done what I need to with other stuff, especially taking photos, as I have a new phone I can take better quality pictures with, and everything I ordered (at least in terms of putting into "sets") is finally here, so I can take pictures of those, then swap them out for other things, so I don't have as much cluttering my living room!

These particular 2 things I want to do a video of as well, so I'll need to use them a bit to get used to them first. Additionally, I have a major project I eventually want to get going with as well, but that requires a lot of research, so I'm likely to contribute to it over time, and work on smaller projects first, which means that I'll also be looking at youtubers I watch frequently for a bit of an idea as to how I want to approach things, though I do also want to roll out a new segment called "Stormkeeper's Workshop"; it also includes some experimental stuff as well, and will of course cover my repairs, upgrades, etc on what could be considered niche hardware, taking a bit of inspiration from The 8-Bit Guy, Retro Man Cave, and others that don't come to mind right now with what I do, seeing as I have been picking up certain bits of equipment that I need but didn't think of before a video about the equipment came up, though I do have more than enough soldering irons/workstations now, so that's something I won't need to get more of, though solder (and probably flux) is always needed!

I actually have a few Arduino and mini electronics projects I can bring in eventually to work on, though I do want to get more of the latter, as I have quite a few things I want to make, seeing as I only got some of those kits, but I'll need to see what I actually have here before I order more, especially as I'd be getting them from China! The only question is if I should leave the soldering and Arduino stuff (not hardware I own getting repaired) under my channel, or I actually put it under the STEMed Up channel, under the "STEMed Up Workshop" label, as that is a viable option too. I do have time to think about it, but if anyone wants to chip-in with their two cents, I'd be interested in seeing what people think.

Anyway, that's it for now... it's nearly 05:00 hours here, and although I've had a nap, I really need to get on with other things before I head back to bed for another few hours and attempt to catch up with stuff during the day, so I'll leave it here for now, and give updates on more stuff when I can!

So until then, take care and see you later on...

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