He Protec, He Attac, but most importantly, He Stac DEC

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Every once in a while I like to check how much my collection's worth, I try not make it a habit as

That would be too reminiscent of my early crypto days, constantly checking steem's price to my mental health's discontent, that's a big no no.

Weirdly enough though, these days I never actually check, only know when someone posts about it. Not like it's rare but still, tangents.

Just 2 weeks ago, my collection was worth 539$. As of Monday evening, it's now worth an impressive 583.99$, so 584$ because I like round numbers.

Those are some crazy gains, specially considering I've burned many cards since then. Those include many common goldies and 1 rare goldie, all in order to make various purchases such as potions, Untamed packs, orbs, SE shitcoins, etc

So all in all, niiiiiice!

Daily Dividends:


On Sunday I got the Death quest. As most times when battling with Zintar, the quest ended fast, not much else to say there. Below, were my rewards.



So Monday night, I was assigned the life quest. Color me pessimist but I immediately opted to switch, and got the water one. The water splinter, is arguably my second strongest deck, and usually, it takes relatively a short amount of time to get it completed.

Not Monday's though. It took me a while to get my first W, plus 16ish hours with a few breaks in between to cool off, in order to finish it. It was a rough but eventually, well, yours truly made it!



For this one, I was assigned the death splinter once again, I rampaged once again, only suffering 2 defeats.


An Untamed Conclusion:

And last but not least, you know I had to buy 1 more Untamed pack to bring me closer to my 20 packs goal before the pre-sale ends. I'm currently at 17, things are looking up so far!


Anywho, thats it for this edition. Credit for the graphics goes to flauwy and the steemmonsters team, and until next time;



A Great Splinterlands post! Prices are rising, that is so great!
An upvote from SM is headed your way!