Displaying Mimosa Nightshade's advanced badassery

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This orphan from the streets of Beluroc rose to prominence when she discovered her special powers of coercion. She basically jumped into your brain and mindfucked you into doing her bidding. She's so badass, she had the entire Wizard council on edge, and instead of finding a way to tame her untamed abilitities, they thought it wise to lock her up in Magic prison.

The joke's on them though because the Lord of Darkness had other ideas. Now "free", she serves the DEATH Splinter, and this gives her freedom to cause as much havoc and mayhem as she pleases.

In Game

In the game, she's a legendary summoner that gives her teammates magic resistance but also turns of every healing ability of the opponent by giving them the plague and reduces range attacks by 1.

Check her out in battle.

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