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Hy friends, as always it’s so good to have you around today am grateful you stopped by today. Guys you are all welcome to my splinter land quest update report, thanks so much. How are you guys doing today, hope you are good at the moment. We give God the glory for a bright and wonderful day that he has made; we give him thanks because he deserved to be appreciated.

Battling with increasing game power is not my kind of thing at all, because am familiar with getting to the next level with just your point. My interesting part of the splinter land game is going down because I am finding it difficult to climb up to the next league.

I battled with the earth splinter card today to complete 5 games which I did with just few monster cards, and I got my reward after completion.


Thanks so much for your quality time and effort spent on my post am so grateful you read this today I appreciate a lot. As always you have to ensure you continue to stay safe at all time to the best of your abilities, continue to be good help the needy around you at all times take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Bye for now.