My Satoshi Earning Game Plan

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Hey Jessatoshis

As you may know by now I am a pretty big Bitcoin bull, and all my cryptocurrency adventures are about adding to the amount of Satoshis I can earn each day. I've set up standing orders to buy Bitcoin

  • 1 order a month
  • 4 orders a week
  • 1 order a day

Buying Bitcoin every day and micro-dosing and dollar-cost averaging in means I can take advantage of the daily volatility and try to get more Satoshis from the fiat I put into the market.

However, buying can only get you so far and eating this elephant and growing my portfolio. Earning cryptocurrency through various means also helps me grow my holdings and reduce my cost per Satoshi over time.

For every Satoshi, I earn it cuts the cost of the Satoshi I buy by 50%, which is huge. When you take your eye off that ever-elusive 1 coin, it makes it easier and more enjoyable to stack Sats.


I've been sprinkling the Bitcoin I buy into various altcoins, staking coins, and earning cryptocurrency and decided to look at my current monthly returns from my active and passive crypto efforts and this is what I've been able to grow thus far.

Note: - This was calculated based on the BTC price of $12995.84

Active investing

MechanismUSD Value PMSatoshi PM

Passive investing

MechanismUSD Value PMSatoshi PM
CEL - BTC$1.040,000080
CEL - MATIC$0.780,000060
BlockFi - BTC$2.040,00016
Free Bitcoin$7.800,00060$6.400,00049

Crypto gaming

MechanismUSD Value PMSatoshi PM
Splinterlands - DEC$3.300,00025
Splinterlands - Card Rental$1.020,000078

Staking coins

MechanismUSD Value PMSatoshi PM

Yield Farming

MechanismUSD Value PMSatoshi PM
Uniswap - ETH$3.500,00027 - TRON$6.620,00051

Running the numbers

  • Total USD earnings Per Month: $607.95
  • Total Satoshi earnings Per Month: 0,047

At the current rate without prices changing it would take me 22 months to earn 1 BTC worth of Satoshis. As we know this isn't the case, prices change, interest continues to compound, rates will change, and it will throw all these calculations off by a fair bit.

What I do think is important is looking at which mechanisms are bringing you satoshis, how you can improve the return, focus on your winners until you max them out and keep pushing for a higher return each month. Each time I increase my monthly Satoshi return, it reduces the amount of time needed to earn an additional BTC from this portfolio.

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Damn son, that's some serious sattage! I should do this and see what sat machines I have going, you are buying lots as well, I'm only once per week with a largish amount but keep cash back in case of the little price drops that happen pretty regularly.

I'm working on Hive engine tokens and the passive side as I was working hard on just active income but there's a world of opportunity out there.

Lol break out the spreadsheet and pull in some average returns and see what you're pulling in this is no means a fixed amount but it looks to be hovering around there at the moment so I am pretty chuffed. A $600 in today could be a $6000 worth in a few years so fuckit, what I got to lose, it also means if I can kick off this kind of cash flow and I invest $600 in that same month then I've halved my risk making me even more bullish

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Lol, well, I'm definitely not opposed to making another spreadsheet!

There'll always be some variance but if you take a fixed price of BTC and other coins in alts to use as an average then it will make it easier. I usually use a bit more of a conservative amount (like worse case scenario planning) but to rake in $600 per month with your current system only bodes well when things start really going up... alright, time to bust a spreadsheet out once I've done my power up post

As someone said in the comments. 600 bucks in these red markets aren't bad at all...that's at least 2K in some "normal" markets... ;)

Congrats and keep on collecting coins :)

That's what I am thinking, I am getting these Sats for a steal at the moment and as I buy in also I reduce the buy in risk since I have more stake coming in each month adding to these various pools.

lol wow 2k a month in crypto, I would be pretty grateful for that, I'd push it even harder if those were my returns but I am patient, I hope that I can get to such a level and beyond as long as I can live on fiat and stack crypto I am happy

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I don't see that impossible... Altcoin prices are almost bottomed... (this time for realz... lol...), so if the go 2-3x up, you are close to that 2K... ;) It's really not that far...
Lets wait and see :)

You make a good point there, but its also the higher the price goes the more people pile in the lower the rate of return so there's a balance but on the whole yes its only going to go up. I'll just continue to stake every day and look for new opportunity and sit tight, a good strategy is about doing less, not doing more

a good strategy is about doing less, not doing more

Exactly! We should let crypto to work for us in a long term... and not we for the crypto... ;)

That's the plan, perhaps now we have to work hard to research and find the opportunities and maybe look for ways to earn more of it but eventually, those payments start compounding plus the inflation of fiat keeps pushing it up so we have no clue how this thing plays out but it sure is exciting.

I was curious to check out earnsats you have in your footer (sometimes I do that :-) Seems both sign up methods are broken (bad gateway). I used Brave, maybe it just doesn't work in Brave.

Yeah I've been meaning to replace that, I think the service is no longer available, will see what I can replace it with something similar :)

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Don't worry. I just thought I should mention it, maybe you didn't know or forgot to replace it. I sometimes do that when I notice people forget to update their footers. :)

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Its good to know, no point sharing a link to something that no longer works, we all need to audit things now and then and not get into habits that don't help

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Lol. I am nearly at the point where I am just going to buy one and stick it away. I do believe the price will rocket up at some point so the sooner the better. The way you are doing it though is the smart way as slow and steady always wins the race.

These calcs are just my investments kicking off a little bit of cash flow each month, this doesn't count me buying lol. I've already got a daily standing order of R100 a day and then I keep a kitty of ZAR to buy in when I think it's cheap

See no point in holding this monopoly money when FNB is kicking off 1.9% and standard bank 3%, might as well go risk it in crypto like others are doing in Stonks

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I didnt understand how you earn $270.31 per month from Hive ?

From all my staking, posting, curating and leasing combined thats what I add to my stake at the current price every month! Obviously not always that value as prices change so now that it’s dropped to 11 cents I earn a far lower dollar value

This is perfect income. I have 33K hive power and I can earn only 70 USD in for per month. I should try to increase it.

About 600 per month ain't that bad at all especially in these markets, safe to say you've learnt a bunch and have acquired some nice SATs making knowledge even in this bear market, It will be interesting how those numbers and pattern will do in the face of a full blown bull

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Yeah I'm trying to turn my accounts into sat generating machines just dripping small amounts daily, weekly or monthly into my account and watching it all add up. I figure if I feel BTC can be 100k easy, then I might as well stack based on that value, so anything I get now Im getting dirt cheap

It would be interesting to see how it all changes as prices move up and in a bull run, but I am happy with the way things are going

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You're doing great if you ask me and this post is my second this morning that i read about passive ways of income and even some free internete money. I'll have to check how earn sats works and see if I can earn some as well. By the way I don't hold any sat currently. Just alts...

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Thanks man, I hope to improve and continue to add new streams of income, if it can bring you a dollar you didn't have to work for that's alight with me they all add up in the end. I think Sats are the most important coin, by far my biggest holding I can't think of any reason not to own the big daddy Bitcoin

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It is a good way to shift your investment for the next bitcion bull run.

Yeah if you kicking off free cash flow you now have a liquid returns you can use to sell off during price spikes or buy into new projects so I will continue to grow this profit machine since I don’t need to cash out

Some nice earnings, and not too long to go.

How much of those non BTC earnings do you transfer into BTC?

I take it your target is to own literally one whole BTC rather than 1 BTCs worth of BTC plus all alt cryptocurrencies?

Personally I also like the idea of owning one whole BTC, but I've kind of stalled at around 0.6 as I prefer to hold quite a lot of LCT and ETCH too.

I don't know what it is about LTC, I have an irrational soft spot for it, I think it's because It's my buy-in crypto - it's just easier to move it between exchanges!

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Thanks, I'm not too tied to these earning percentages, they are pretty high but yes dollar value is low but as dollar value increases more people jump on the investment and bring down the percentage returns, so I don't mind it seeming low in terms of purchasing power because they longer I get a high-interest rate the better amount of Satoshis I get.

Yes my goal is to 1 Coin, I've got 0.83 BTC and then a range of alts probably about 2.2 BTC worth at current prices but I don't really count that, at the moment I am only taking the CE-FI stuff and keeping in BTC/Sats

The stalking coins I keep in their native currency because I think they have a greater upside potential so I can sell them for more in a bull run and get a better Alt to SAT return as people flock into staking coins and such during the bull run.

I still have like 4 LTC I bought at the top lol I refuse to sell it but I did average in 1.3 just so my pain is not so bad lol

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Ah you're practically there with the BTC then, I think I want a whole one myself, need to get a better plan together!

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My best plan so far was to switch to daily cost averaging you pick up so much more Sats that way! I only wish I started doing it sooner, no need to care about the daily price that way you just keep buying

I think I might just start doing the same!

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wow ! That is very good numbers! You will win our contest "first to 1 btc" if I dont take the saving money in fiat from my wife and put in to btc. I have to think about that option.
"Free Bitcoin" was it that?
And I do not see anything about brave? Dont use?

I didn't include BRAVE and any dust tokens or shit coins I have because it would just make things more complicated. I am only looking at things I can calculate with a set value, Brave I don't know if Im going to get ads each month and the BAT I have doesn't bring much in from Celsius yet

Oh don't feel too bad, I have to be this aggressive, my South African rands are dropping like a stone, so I need to find the best yield for it somewhere, Crying in inflation

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And one thing more. I miss your !BEER in this statistic 😀

Lol if beer can 78X in price then I can buy a beer with a beer and that would be my dream, then I can die happy !ENGAGE 20

I think it is more possible that you get 1 BTC before me and I send you a beer by mail.

All i want is a full 4-5 BTC worth in all my coins and then I can just sit and wait it out and hopefully live on the interest one day

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