Full Alpha Set: From Under $1000 to Over $3000!

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Hey guys! I've been investing in Steem Monsters for a very long time now and things are finally starting to look brighter!

My first major investment was when I spent about $1500 USD purchasing 1 max level alpha deck. However, the price for alpha cards kept declining as my next 4 max level alpha sets were purchased at around $2400 in total. I tried to sell them for about $800 each for a very long time. However, no one bought them even though the price of alpha cards kept going up so even though they didn't sell at $800, I'd increase the price to $1000, then $1200 and so on. The first sale I made was last month, or about 4 or 5 months since I last purchased my sets. I sold one set for $1600, then another for $1700, then another for $1900 then my last one for $2200. I still have a few sets but don't plan on selling any more!

The recent boost in market can be credited to DECs and @j6969 who has purchased massive amounts of cards and packs from the market! He has pretty much single-handedly boosted the card economy and bought 2 alpha sets from me!

Right now each alpha set is worth around $3000!

I can't wait to see what the guilds update will do the the price of DECs hence all cards in general! Really excited about the future :)


That's quite a return on your investment I've only invested like $30 and I've made $100 an account now, I play on and off. As this game grows I can only imagine what the ROI will be for us early adopters

That's an amazing ROI! But just by playing and earning reward cards you could potentially make a lot!

I just watched as my collection went from 900$ to 1120$ in the last week :D
The alpha side of my collection is BOOMING !

I have about 1000 Alpha cards myself :)
But not sure how much only the alphas are worth in my acc.

Yeahh the demand of alpha cards have really shot up recently. There wasn't much movement at the start when DECs just came out but it's only just starting to get people's attention. Also, the depth for alpha cards is very low since most of the sellers have finished selling already (like myself)

Wow, that nobody purchased your Alpha Team when it was for 800$ on sale :-) I should have bought me a second set of alpha cards but i couldn't afford it.
I'm very happy with the development of Steemmonsters, overall a great experience!

The highest offer I had was from @nicholaslive for aroud $1400 for 2 sets which I almost took. I think I asked for $1500 and didn't wanna sell for $100 less so I ended up holding it haha which turned out to be a good decision

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So this is full alpha decks you're talking about, right? Does this include Reward Cards as well, or just the Starter Set plus all possible boosters? And this is non-golds?

Would you be interested in selling specific single alpha cards? I missed the opportunity to buy alpha packs, don't have the kind of money to buy a full deck but there are a few really nice cards I'd love to have a collection of!

This is awesome! Gotta love those Monsters!! Splinterlands to the moon!!!

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