Naga Fire Wizard The Indestructible Monster

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Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world? Trust your day go well. I should have missed this weekly battle challenge due to my activities. Presently, am in the seminar which will last for 5 days. We are not allowed to access our phone and computer. Few hours ago, I was thinking of how I can complete my daily quest; until the opportunity open.
Immediately, I saw the article yesterday that we are to use Naga Fire Wizard to make a post. Though this monster is not new to me because I have seen Naga Fire Wizard in battles several times without number. Infact there was a time I wanted to buy it but I wasn't have enough money to buy then. What made me to really want it was the magic attack of the monster. I went to market today and bought one. It was very easy for me to locate and purchased.

Naga Fire Wizard is a rare fire monster with 5 health at level one and 6 health at highest level, it has an armor and also 1 speed at level one which is incredible for reverse Speed rule. Naga Fire Wizard has shied ability which reduces the melee and range attack. One thing about monsters with shield ability is that, they are very good to place at first position or attacking monster in a battles. This is one of the major reason I like to use living Lava, Silvershield paladin and frozen solder. Naga fire wizard has ability that makes it distinctive from other shield ability monsters which is magic attack which made me to e engrossed with this monster.
It can also be used in any position in battles, it doesn't need to be the first or the last. This is one of the major reason I love this monster than any shield ability monsters.

The Mana cap of this monster is to high. It takes 8 Mana which is the major reason is not good for battles with lower mana cost. Could you imagine, given you a battle with 20 Mana cost; then selected Naga Fire Wizard as one of the choice monsters in the battle. This may cost you not to have enough monsters in the battle.

• Explosive weaponry: All the monsters have the blast ability
• Keep Your Distance: Monsters with melee attack may not be used in the battles

PSX_20210419_232512.jpgclick here to watch the battle.


• Gelatinous cube: This Monster was used to delayed opponent Monsters. Melee monsters were not allowed in the battle; and because of that, I used gelatinous cube because of its high number of health and scavenger ability. Gelatinous cube wasn't destroyed from the battle from the beginning to the end.

• Naga Fire Wizard: this monster did tremendous work here. For this battle, this is the best position for it. For the fact that most opponent Monsters kept attacking gelatinous cube that would have had maximum effect on Naga Fire Wizard. The blast rule of Fire Elemental, fire spitter, serpentine mystic and pyromancer could not have any effect on Naga Fire Wizard due to shied ability.

• Ettin Spearman: only monster that has highest attack and range attack. An attack from Ettin was a devastation on enemy's monsters. The piercing ability was a added advantage to this monster.

• Fire Beetle: there are two reason why I used this monster, the first reason was that; I was given a daily quest using snipe ability monsters to complete it. I realized that fire beetle is the only snipe ability Monster with highest level. The second reason was the snipe ability which allowed it to sniped Zalran Efreet adjacent to the attacking monster.

• Zalran Efreet: I needed to added monster with life leech and magic attack. Zalran Efreet was the perfect monster. It attacks prismatic energy which reflected back. But the life leech ability gave back the health. Using this type of monsters in battles increase number of health when attack and high accuracy to target enemy without missing.
Using it in this particular position for this battle is the best. Taking first or attacking monster role could led to early destruction.

• Goblin Shaman: this monster remove one health from opponent monsters and also attack in any position. I love placing this monster in the middle or behind just to protect it. The reason I placed it behind in this battle was that the rule said, "Monsters with melee attack may not be used in the ". Most of the sneaky monsters I know are melee attack monsters. I rarely see magic attack monster with sneaky ability, I knew that it was safe for me to placed it behind rather than middle.

PSX_20210419_234821.jpg I won without losing any of my monster. It was a huge victory for me. Since last year I won battles without losing any monster. This is another reason I have to keep using Naga Fire Wizard.
I like Naga Fire Wizard a lot and I will make sure I continue using it in different positions and often in the reverse Speed.

2FFvzA2zeqoVLrYE9s797ZjtvFQpjr1rFgojSjFXUf1MWRHcx4a5YZGQyaZxjbNYeQwSHkCjbviKBsc6JD2PTtKAHwSEseiWpVDn2CAcjZrixjxzzxvDnESeRQhDP.gifsplinterlands click the above link to be among the best game in the world.


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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Waooo, without losing any monster it's just the best players can do.