Splinterlands Journey #131 - "Stubborn Merceneries" Daily Quest

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

Yo, what's up guys?


I am currently sitting on Gold 3 Division and I have accumulated more than 3400 points so the matches you are gonna see are really good!

Today's quest was the "Stubborn Merceneries" so I had to win 3 Ranked battles without using Neutral monsters so I can claim my Daily Rewards and that's exactly what I did!

I won 3/4 games I played but my rewards were dissapointing :(. Well, I won't complain since #Splinterlands is giving away rewards daily to players and getting Splinterlands rewards means you are earning money ;) Best game EVER. Period!!!

Enjoy my battles

*Sorry but I messed up the audio on this one! Turn your speakers volume WAY UP to hear the audio!

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Thank you for watching and supporting me!
Much love to everyone and stay safe.

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